Ryshana Oliaya

Ryshana Oliaya was the resident Jedi on board the mercenary ship The Echo.


  • Species: Twi'lek
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 34
  • Alignment: Light
  • Appearance: Deep purple skin tone with barely noticable black spots on her lekku(head tails)
  • Weapons/Equipment: yellow lightsaber; plain, unassuming clothing
  • Primary Role Player: stingerhs


ii**``&..served with distinction as a General in the Clone Wars as Commander of i@iii!..corrupted portion.... led the Commandos through the swamps to raid the Seperatist Command Center at the Siege of 974ii..corrupted portion... and served with Gunnery Sergeant 0089 who was later discovered to be Jedi Knight Yajisif Quiinzara that had been secretly inserted into the Clone ranks by the Jedi#iiii!!..unexpected end of file considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. As a former General during the Clone Wars, she was able to bring about the only betrayal of any squad of Imperial Soldiers during the conflict. Having been executed as traitors, her squad of Commandos is not a threat. Utmost caution is still highly advised.

Personality and Traits

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