Home world: New Bornalex

Species: Haph Thaleen/ Halph Human

Height: 1.7m

Measurements: 34D-25-34

Status: Singer/Servant

Rystall grew up not knowing her birth parents. Her father had died before she was born and her mother had left her at an orphanage when she was only one year in age. She was then adopted by a wealthy Ortolan couple who worked as musicians. As Rystall grew older she developed a talent for singing due to her Thaleen heritage. Her parents encouraged her talent and Rystall grew to love her stunning singing voice. As a teenager she became a dancer and singer in her parents performance garnishing many admirers for her beautiful voice and gorgeous body. Unfortunately her skills caught the eye of the current Vigo of the Black Sun during a private performance. The Vigo then had the girl kidnapped along with her parents enslaving the family and taking Rystall as his personal slave and entertainer. For several years the young girl was the Vigos "personal cock toy", as he liked to call her, catering to the Vigo's voracious sexual appetites.

She may have remained in such a position for several more years if it wasn't for a bet between the Vigo and an extremely lucky gambler named Lando Calrissian. In a game of sabacc that the Vigo was losing very badly he bet his three slaves to win his money back . He lost the bet and Lando won Rystall and her family. Detesting slavery he released them much to the gratitude of Rystall. Despite Lando's kindness her parents had little money and found it hard to find work. They contacted an old friend Max Rebo asking for jobs but unfortunately he had no need for more musicians. He did however need a third dancer and backup singer and offered the job to Rystall. Rystall happily took the job and though it was not the glamorous position she had dreamt of as a child she was happy to be free and to have work. Soon after her addition to the band Rebo struck a deal with Jabba the Hutt to play at his palace. Unfortunately they were paid nearly nothing, due mostly to the dubious dealings of Rebo. Rystall was disappointed by the lack of pay but was just glad for the oppurtunity to perform. She soon found herself in a similar position as the one she had just recently escaped. She was treated as a pleasure slave forced to give her body over to the scum of Jabba's court. Her performances mainly consisted of stripping herself and masturbating in front of the crowd. She was appalled by this treatment but did not leave the band fearful that if she left she would be unable to find any other legitimate work. She also felt somewhat indebted to Rebo who had taken her off the streets, so she tried to make the best of the situation. Like Lyn she was forced to whore her body to make ends meet allowing herself to be violated by even the lowest of the lowlifes in Jabba's palace. She had no idea how long she would continue this course in her life but hoped to make enough money to one day start up her own band and leave the dustball planet of Tatooine far behind. At some point during her career at Jabba's palace Boba Fett arrived bringing with him a trophy in the form og a smuggler named Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Soon after the carbonite slabs arrival another new comer entered into the ranks of Jabba's palace. But this time Rystall recognized the newcomer as her savior Lando Calrissian.

It is known that the two did meet and shared a night together as Rystall's way of thanking Lando for freeing her from slavery. A few weeks passed and normal life in the palace was disrupted by the intrusion of Lando's allies. As the group of rebel leaders were taken to the Dune Sea to be executed Rystall was forced to stay behind. A few hours after the departure word soon reached the palace of Jabba's demise. The palace erupted into chaos as looters took anything they could get their hands on. Unfortunately for Rystall that included her.

For several days as the looting continued Rystall, who was unable to escape, was raped by dozens of the looters her body beaten and overflowing with the sperm of a dozen different species. Her body was left so ravaged she was to weak to escape by herself and if were not for the assistance of Greeta a fellow band member she may never have escaped the chaos of the palace. After their escape Rystall and Greeta with their remaining credits started their own band named "The Palpatones". They gained a small amount of fame and began a tour of the galaxy. This tour brought them to Nar Shaarda and at one of their many performances on the planet the Vigo who had once kept Rystall as a pleasure slave attended. Unfortunately for Rystall the Vigo recognized the face he had coated with his cum so many years ago. At this recognization the Vigo then used his Black Sun connections on Nar Shaarda to have her kidnapped in her apartment after a performance. She was brought to the Vigo and once again enslaved to the horrible criminal leader. She was once again subject to his horrible lechery and his perverted acts of rape and humiliation. She was once again collared, forced to crawl beside her master on a leash, and taste his cock with her tongue. She was a slave to the Vigo for several more months until she was able to seduce one of her masters lieutenants and convince him to assassinate the Vigo. During the resulting battle Rystall was able to escape from Nar Shaarda. After her escape she was again reunited with Greeta and the two brought back the Palpatones with their own version of "Lepti Nek".

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