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Ryu Hakaisha is a fan made series based on the anime Dragon Ball.Though at the very start of the story it was not a fanfic it wasnt till much later that was added, and if you look hard you might be able to see when a idea came to them before Dragon ball or after Even though this series is just a fanfic none of the original characters are in it and taking place on different planets making this Fanfic one of a kind. This fanfic was written by the pennames of Hakaisha and Ganondorf Dragmire

The series follows the adventures of the young kid Zarp till the time of his death. In the beginning Zarp sets his goals to be the best DT agent the galaxy has seen but once he finally joins the DT he finds that its no easy life has he goes through one job after another. Finally one job he was doing found himself face to face to a Dragon lord which he finally kills making him get the surname [[Hakaisha].

This Fanfic was started in a small town in the USA in the year 1997 but most of the early days were just getting ideas and planets and characters. And on Nov. 2006 the 1st Chapter was finally on forums and it wasnt till yesterday that the 2nd chapter was up. So when is the next chapter going to be up none knows for sure.


  1. Dr Tumsa Saga (Chapters 1~??);
  2. Suishorinku Saga (Chapters ??~???);
  3. Emperor Saga (Chapters ???~???);
  4. Saiyan Sword Saga (Chapters ???~???);
  5. Return Saga (Chapters ???~???);
  6. Anatnu Saga (Chapters ???~???);
  7. Saibe Saga (Chapters ???~???);
  8. Tournament Saga (Chapters ???~???);
  9. Cajin Buu Saga (Chapters ???~???);
  10. Diablo Saga (Chapters ???~???);

Others/spin offs

  1. Zimp Saga
  2. Between Saibe Saga and Tournamnet Saga
  3. The beginnings of Cain
  4. Destruction of DT
  5. Xion War
  6. Fenix Fighters
  7. Untold tale of Blade
  8. A story of a fallen hero

Cast List

Character Name Zarp Hakaisha
Idai Yowai the 5th
Fue Yu
Major Schnee
Kashira Kashikor
Kenryoku Sama
Chikara Sensei
Hae Sensei
Noryoku Sensei
Chishiki Sensei
Amai Kashiokoi Taiki
Take Tsukaso
Kyuri Flaxen
Lt. Pesh
Cajin Buu
St. Diablo

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