S.C.Ruffy, Hector & The New Truck is a Potential Plotline episode. S.C Ruffey cameoed Thomas' Day Off and


S.C.Ruffy introduces Hector a new truck named Jay. Jay is a rude blue truck who bullies the other trucks. S.C.Ruffy and Hector ignore him and tell Toby and Percy about Jay. Meanwhile at the Wharf Jay bashes into S.C.Ruffy and Hector, who get cross. S.C.Ruffy and Hector tell Duck to help them. Duck, S.C.Ruffy and Hector bash Jay into a canel. Jay feels silly, and Harvey and Rosie bring Rocky to lift Jay back to the rails. S.C.Ruffy and Hector tell Jay they are sorry he's a scary truck.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Toby
  • Percy (non-speaking role)
  • Duck
  • Cartman (cameo)
  • Wallace (cameo)
  • Rosie
  • Harvey
  • Rocky (non-speaking role)
  • S.C.Ruffy
  • Hector
  • Jay


  • First apperence of Jay and his CGI face.


  • When Jay crashes into the canel, his eyebows are missing.

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