Exhack's Occult Campaign


Modern-day occult.

The three protagonists found themselves trapped in a tool shed, surrounded on all sides by hordes of demons. The single, frail wooden door covering the entrance was like a bulwark, with the addition of the powerful spirit ward placed by a darkly-clad young man covered in a number of cuts. After barring the entrance to anything short of a determined enemy, he rested against the wall opposite to the door and raised his gun to immediately fire on any intruders.

Cthulhu knock-offs peek out of every corner, and a mercenary group of exorcists are called in to fight them off. With funk.


  • Team 1 (GM: Exhack) Occult, 60 Character Points, 30 skill points. No mecha. Final destination.
  • Team 2 (GM: SUBLIMEinal) Occult, 30 Character Points, 30 skill points. No ability starting over Level 3. No mecha. Final destination.


Team 1

* Mr. Cross the Fallen Bishop
* Ibrii the Witch
* Michele Delacroix the Surgeon
* Gabrielle de Montmorency the Necromancer
* Sanya the Telepathic Girl
* Finn the Bureau Exorcist
* Kasimir Morgenstern the Cosmological Mage

Team 2

* Raskolnikov, the Vodka-powered Agnostic Russian
* Yasfir, the ghost
* Silje, the Demon-Possessed Norwegian
* Katya, the Parasitic Exorcist
* Lu_Jin, the recently immortal, shapeshifting Chinese blade courtesan.


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