31 October 2007

Halloween. Tricker-treaters everywhere, a long list of crimes related to the holiday (more on that later), and a massive change in the micronation of Egypt.

Former Pharoah Saramboo, more commonly known as Alex Maslev, in a shocking move, gracefully resigned from his position as High Councilman. By Egyptian naming conventions, his Imperial suffix -oo was changed to -ue.

The new Pharoah Gergatsu was coronated today by an unanimous vote of Council Members(one was absent). By naming conventions, he dropped his Councilman suffix -u and gained the Imperial suffix -oo. His promised changes include changing his horrid name and promoting the nameless ex-heratic. This author (Centras) was not mentioned in the speech.

We await his actions.

Egyptian naming standards:

-u indicates countilman

-oo indicates Pharoah

-ue indicated ex-Pharoah

All these suffixes are pronounced with an -oo sound (as in "boo")

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