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Sunday School MidSemester Exam

Date: 4/22/07

Time: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


Pre K and KG - Sherrin

Grade I

  1. Chapter 11: We talk to God - Memorize the trisagion (Oral Exam)
  2. Chapter 12: We obey God - 5 commandments taught in class
  3. Chapter 13: Mary is presented at the temple - True or False
  4. Chapter 14: Mary is chosen - Question & Answers from Workbook
  5. Chapter 15: John is born - Fill in the Blanks
  6. Chapter 16: Jesus Christ is born today - True or False
  7. Chapter 17: Jesus and the wise men - Fill in the Blanks

Grade II

  1. Unit II Chapter 6, 7 and 8
  2. Unit III

Grade III

  1. The Growth and Extension of The Kingdom of Heaven (St. Matthew 13:31-33)
  2. The Rich Fool (Foolish Richman) (St. Luke 12:15-21)
  3. Birds of the Sky and Lily Flowers of the Field (Mathew 6:25_32)
  4. Lazarus, Come Out (St. John 11: 1-45)
  5. Hosannah (St. Mathew 21:1-9)

Grade IV

  1. Chapter 8 to 13 both inclusive

Grade V - Nileena

Grade VII - Aby

Grade VIII - Binu Johnson

Grade IX - Celin

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