SEA-WA FM is a radio station broadcasted from the AJM STUDIOS Building in Seattle, Washington. The station began on December 28, 2009. Besides AJM Radio, this is the second radio broadcast from AJM STUDIOS. The station took an unspecified hiatus on March 17, 2010.



The logo for SEA-WA 95.7.

The DJ is AJM STUDIOS Member, Seawa. He goes by DJ Eric. The numerical numbers for the station are 95.7.

The radio station is located on the 23rd floor of the AJM STUDIOS Building. Its thread can be found in The Entertainment Theater.


The station plays music from rock to pop genre's. It plays modern, older, and experimental music. It gives people chance to rate and talk about the music on their website. The major theme and set up for SEA-WA FM is playing a song from 1975-1989, then playing another song from 1990-2010. It has been their set up since the first broadcast.


With the release of the first broadcast, SEA-WA FM went by the slogan of "Playing Now."

"Playing Now" - 2009 - ?


The overall reception of SEA-WA FM was extremely high. It was called "fresh" and "new" by many AJM STUDIOS critics. Some did say that it took what Song Showcase did wrong, and improved on it. Other said it just blew Song Showcase out of the water. It was not until March of 2010 did the stations hype finally slow down. It was during this month, that updates slowed from every other day about, to maybe once a week. On March 17, 2010, the station took an unspecified leave. DJ Eric left by saying this to listeners.

"SEA-WA FM is closing shop for now everyone. Thank you for all the great fun, and moments we've had. Stay tuned for future updates, but for now, we are going on vacation! Without you . . . but we left you a very long, very big list of music, YOU all voted for. So check it out, on our first page index. Plenty of music there to listen to till we return. Till next time, this is DJ Eric. " -DJ Eric

It was one of the few and only times the set up of his slogan and advertising was changed.

Let's Get Going, or we'll miss the plane! SEA-WA FM is playing 24/7 at AJM STUDIOS.NET!

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