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Welcome to SEISMIC

This is a place for SF State students and community partners to discuss the emergency preparedness program for communities in San Francisco using social media, and to grow the number of students who perform community service.

Beyond an earthquake or other natural disaster, there are other issues of public safety that student service can address. By partnering with the City of San Francisco, we can make a difference!

Ideas for the Grant

What does SEISMIC mean?

Student Engineered Initiatives in Social Media Involving Community!

Here are the slides from a powerpoint presentation describing the project.


SFSU's Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) is partnering with the City and County of San Francisco with the hope that SEISMIC will be funded by Learn and Serve America under its College Student Social Media Initiative <>.

The Social Media Initiative is designed to have San Francisco State students motivate (drive) other students to become actively involved in community service by using social media (vs word of mouth, email etc.) What ever media YOU decide to use is up to you. Service learning is about hands-on participation. The Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) at [] is a resource students can use to identify community leaders and resources, and public safety is the specific issue we hope you will address, starting with disaster preparedness.

Students will generate the "metadata" concerning specific neighborhood resources and vulnerabilities, then some of you may elect to document what those are so that information can be added to and shared via the NEN. Once needs have been explicitly identified, we can all begin to focus on educational and training opportunities (via instructional design), as well as additional ways students can serve, such as joining or recruiting neighbors for Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) Training Program.

The "metadata," will better help neighborhoods strategize so they are prepared to take actions on their own behalf. -- Bonnie Hale, ICCE

Our Community Partners



Hello, my name is Josephina Dominguez Perez, I'm one of the students working on this project.

Proposal To Change Wiki Providers

I don't want to hijack this wiki or anything, because I want stay with what everyone else thinks is usefull. But I find wikia to be a bit busy. A lot going on. Mayby, before we grow the wiki to much, we could move it somewhere like JottIt . I think it has cleaner feel, and it has a great editing feature that allows you to see a live preview of your changes. - Alex Kessinger

Excellent work on this, Josie! Thanks for getting it up and running. And thanks Jerry for putting up the presentation PDF. I also thought Jottit might be better than Wikia, but it looks like Jottit doesn't use/keep track of usernames, so you can't look at the history and see who did what, and you can't view a list of individual users' contributions. Maybe the Drupal wiki module has that functionality; Alex, do you know? -- Marie Drennan

I've used MediaWiki that has a cleaner design. Maybe we should look into it vs the scratchpad version? -- Bonnie Hale

I think that the wiki module does support that I a will install on the site, and see. -- Alex Kessinger

I have copied this Wiki to if people feel like contribuiting their they can, this is mostly just for a mock of what a possible student hub might look like.

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