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SF-C Manual

Welcome to the Star Fury manual. This guide will help you through the game, and hopefully answer any questions that you have.

If there is something that you want to know and it is not covered in this manual then please feel free to post your question in help and support forum. We would also like to hear any suggestions that you have.


Main Options


On the overview page you can view most of your empires resources aswell as important messages from the admin team, your alliance and your sector. Most alliances use the AL notice to post important information so be sure to check it often.

Tactical Ops

 1. Defence 
 2. Attack
 3. Production
 4. Fleets
 5. Construction 

1. Defence: This page displays your empires combines defence, aswell as your ship and defence platform defence. You can also chane your empires defence percentage here ( Currently disabled )

2. Attack: This page show the Attack value and Damage value of each ship, no matter if it is building, repairing or returning from an attack. The damage vaule is how much damage this ship do to others and the attack vaule is used ot see if you pass the defending empires defence.

3. Production: This page shows the production of your empire. First it shows you the how much metal your mines are producing every tick. Below this the amount of deuterium produced each tick by your mines is shown. Next is the number of probes that your fabrication plants are producing per tick. Next your credit production is shown, it shows the total amount produced by your mines and your population tax. Next comes the ship running cost. The amount shown next to the running cost added to the sector tax displayed on the next line is taken away from your credit production to give you your credits per tick. If your running costs are higher than your credit production then your credits per tick will go into a negative value and you will start to lose money. The last one shown here is shows the amount your population will increase with each tick. If this goes into a negative value then you will start losing population.

4. Fleets: This page gives you information about ships that are returning from an attack. Fleet shows the fleet number that is out and what ships are in that fleet, so if you sent out 2 fleets with 2 ships in each the fleet would show as 2 ships in fleet 1 and 2 in fleet 2. Name shows the name of the ship that is returning. Return time tells you how many ticks it will take for your fleet to return. You can also view how damaged your ships are.

5. Construction: On the last page on the overview you are shown information on the buildings and ships that you are currently constructing. There is a list of all the buildings and numbers below them. The number on its own is the number of buildings that you are constructing of that type of building. The number in the brackets shows how many ticks it will take to build those buildings. The number to the right of the ship is how many ticks there is left before it finishes.

Sector Browser



     1. Defence Shields
     2. Warp Shield
     3. Power Usage

1. Defence Shield: When shields are active they provide you with an extra 15% defense to your empire. They have 5 point on them noramaly which is the number of EMP attacks required to lower them. You will gain one EMP point each tick.

2. Warp Shield: When this shield is activated the returntime of the ships attacking you will greatly increase. This shield drains both Power and Deuterium when online. Attacking ships will also drain an ammount of Deuterium based on their Damage. When all your Deuterium are expended, your Warpshields will be turned off automaticly.

3. Power Usage: You can see how much power your population are using and how much it would drain your power by activating or deactivating your shields. If your power falls below 0, then your shield network will fall. Also remember that the more land you have, the more power you will need to shield them. Power Consumption is equal to 15% of your total land. Power is used throughout your empire and its a good idea to keep an eye on how much excess you are producing to make sure you will always have enough power to accomodate your empires needs.

Power is stored in your empires power plants. These can become full and any extra power that is produced once your power plants are full up is lost. There is a meter here that shows how full your power plants are. If this meter is full then you should consider building more power plants.


From the exploration center you can expand the size of your empire.

There are two types of exploration; for land and for asteroids. There are three main areas involved in exploration.

 1. Exploration Missions
 2. Ending Exploration Missions
 3. Exploration Points 

1. Exploration: Exploration will gain you asteroids or land every hour, depending on the ship sent out and how much power is given to exploration. Under the exploration page you have a list of all defending ships. You can choose to either send one or more on a planetary exploration (to gain more land) or an astral one (to gain more asteroids). The ship must have a percentage of its power core set on 'sensors' to gain planets/asteroids (read below).

2. Ending Exploration Missions: To cancel a ship from exploring, click 'cancel' next to the ship you want to bring home (Note: Once a ship has been sent out, it cannot return for at least 3 ticks).

3. Exploration Points: The amount of power to your sensors will determine how effective your ship is at exploring. For example, if the ship has 50% sensor power then half of the power core will be used to explore. If you have a ship with a 10,000 GW power core, and a sensor power of 80% then the ship will use 8,000 GW for exploration. Note that you must have a minimum power core assignment of 4,000 to explore 1 planet/asteroid (i.e. with a talon, it needs 80% power to sensors to explore anything each hour). To find out the total explored per hour, calculate the total power core allocated for exploring either land or roids and divide by 4 (where a 4000 power core divided by 4 will equal 1000, which is 1 planet/asteroid per hour). It must be a whole number, as decimal numbers will not be counted (if a 5000 power core ship is set on 100% sensors, it will still only gain 1 land/roid per tick, and will require an additional 3000 power from another ship/s to explore more than this 1). Remember with the the EP Versus Size modifer, the bigger ships you build, the more your EP will grow, and the more ships it will take to explore the same amount.


Buildings are constructed on free land, and mines are constructed on free asteroids. Each Land Building costs the same, however mines are not built on land, thus they have a different cost. The cost for each Building will go up as the number of built buildings go up. When you first start you have 100 available land, and 50 Residences and 50 Power Planets already built. All buildings take sixteen hours to construct to begin with (until/if you research advanced buildings, where this time is halved), and can not function until they have finished building (a certain number will be built each tick, with the last completed after 16 hours). The Following Buildings can be constructed:

     1. Tri-Lithium Mines
     2. Metal Mines
     3. Deuterium Mines
     4. Residents
     5. Fusion Plants
     6. Fabrication Plants
     7. Defence Platforms
     8. Research Labs

1. Tri-Lithium Mines: can only be constructed on asteroids. Each Mine produces 150 Credits Per hour. (200 Credits per hour with Advanced Mines research). Mines are the primary source of Credits. Without credits your empire would not be able to function, so mines are vital. If you lose asteroids to another empire, any mines on the asteroids taken are destroyed, with the free asteroids transferred to the attacker.

2. Metal Mines: can only be constructed on asteroids. Each Mine produces 5 metal per hour. Metal is used in the construction of star ships. If you lose asteroids to another empire, then any mines on the asteroids taken are destroyed in the attack and are not transferred to the enemy.

3. Deuterium Mines: can only be constructed on asteroids. Each Mine produces 2 Deuterium per hour. Deuterium is used in the construction of star ships, and to power your Warp Shields. If you lose asteroids to another empire, then any mines on the asteroids are destroyed and are not transferred to the enemy.

4. Residences: give your people a place to live and allow your population to expand. Each residence holds 50 People, and helps fill your empty residences by 2 an hour. For every 100 population there will be a use of 1 power every hour. Your recruits per hour are your population*0.005. You can train these recruits into cadets, which are used to man your ships. The more residences you have, the more recruits you will get per hour.

5. Fusion plants: supply your empire with vital power. It is used to supply power to your residences, to build your ships and to power your Shields. Power plants supply 1 power per hour (2 power per hour with advanced power plants). Each power plant can hold a power reserve of 100 (150 with advanced power plants). Ship construction requires power equivalent to the ships power core for initial construction, but not as a maintenance cost.

6. Fabrication Plants: produce probes each hour. It takes 2 Fab plants to produce 1 probe(with Advanced fabrication plants you get 0.75 probes/plant). Probes are used to gather intelligence on other empires. The more probes your empire has, the harder it is for other empires to gather intelligence on yours.

7. Defence Platforms: are used to defend your empire against attack. They are ground-to-space defence turrets which can fire at ships attempting to attack your empire. Defence Platforms give 20 Defence points per platform, but are only effective in siege prevention. One will be destroyed for each 500 damage points your enemy has, or when you don't have any ships docked, one for each 100 damage. They are generally ineffctive if you have a low number of them.

8. Research Labs: are used to develop new technologies. You can only research one thing at a time. Each research lab produces 2 research points per hour. The more Research labs you build, the faster your researches will be finished.

Star Dock

The Star Dock is where your ships are unless they are attacking or exploring.

The star dock gives you information on ships that are currently docked at home. Be aware that the star dock will only show ships that are at home either defending, building or repairing.

In here you can find the ship you want by looking at the name on the far left. Next to the name you can see the class of that ship. Next to that is the status of the ship, this shows what the ship is currently doing; it could be defending, building or repairing. When building or repairing there will be a number in brackets, this number shows how many more ticks it will take complete.

If you wish to modify your starship, then click the modify ship design icon next to the star ship name (the middle icon). From here, you can change the power allocation of the ship and the ship name.

The hull and shields are represented by a green bar and a % next to it. The shield is represented in the same way but with a blue bar. When your hull gets down low you should think about repairing it by using the repair button that looks like a spanner. The shields will regenerate by 4% each hour without repair, as long as the ship is 'defending'.

If you run into negative credits then you can disable your ship so that you do not pay maintenance. To re-enable a ship click the disable button again and select enable ship from the selection. If you disable a ship, then it will take a minimum of 3 ticks before you can reactivate that ship. You can retire a ship by selecting disband/retire ship from the selection given after clicking the enable/disable button. If you retire a ship then you will get 50% of the resources back ((excluding cadets)85% with Big Hammer researched).


From the military page you can:

 1. Train Cadets
 2. View Ships
 3. Construct new ship

1. Train Cadets: Cadets are trained from recruits (You gain recruits at the rate of Total population * 0.005 per hour). The cost of training recruits into cadets is varied according to your empire size, but is capped at 250 Credits. Cadets are used as crew to control and maintain your ships. Each ship has a varied amount of required crew.

2. View Ships: All ships are visible under military regardless of their status.

3. Construct New Ship: To construct a new ship click 'construct new ship', then choose the class of ship you want to build (the eagle class, the ship you start off with is not available for construction). The resources required to build the ship will be displayed on the right of the screen. If they are in green then that means that you have enough of that resource to construct the ship. If it is in red then it means that you don't.

From here you can also enter the power distribution and the name for the ship. The more power you allocate to weapons the more damage your ship will be inflict. The more power you allocate to sensors, the more land or roids your ships can explore per hour if sent out on an exploration mission. The more power you assign to engines the faster your ship will return. The maximum return time is 18 ticks, and the minimum return time is 4 ticks(3 ticks with Advanced Engines). The power you allocate to the Engines, weapons and sensors can not exceed 100%.

R & D


Alliance Center

From here you can:

 1. View alliance members
 2. Leave an alliance
 3. Message / Request membership
 4. Create an alliance

1. View alliance members: You can view the members of your own alliance by clicking 'View member listings of the alliance', which will then display all the empires currently in your alliance. You can not view the membership listings for other alliances.

2. Leave an alliance: If you wish to leave the alliance you are in, click 'Leave the alliance', then a confirmation question will come up, clicking on this will remove you from your current alliance and you can then join another alliance if you wish.

3. Message / Request membership: You can message the leader of any alliance by clicking 'Message' next to the name of the alliance. To request membership to an alliance, click 'request', you can enter a message to go along with your request if you wish, but it is optional. The leader of the alliance can then accept or decline your request to join their alliance. Either way, you will be notified via your empire news.

4. Create alliance: If you wish to create your own alliance, click 'Form new alliance'. You will then need to enter a name, description, forum and alliance password. The description is used to give a brief overview of your alliances intentions. The forum password can be given to someone in your alliance to moderate the alliance forums so you don't have to do it all yourself. The alliance password is only needed if you wish to delete your alliance. You can also select a colour tag for your alliance from the dropdown list.

Alliance News

Alliance Forums


Sector Politics

From this page you may vote for your sector leader and assistant sector leader. It is vitally important that you pick a good leader as is it they who will represent you to the other sectors of the game. In Sector Alliances your sector leader also has the power to join/leave alliances and kick/reject members of your sector so pick well.

The politics page also contains a list of members including their ICQ, AIM and MSN names if they have entered them. If you are sector leader then u will have access to the sector control centre and can see the last login time of all the members of your sector. If you are not SL then you can see the last login time of your SL.

Also on the politics page is the 'sector question' which also appears on the 'main menu', the sector question is used to determine sector issues such as which alliance you want to join etc..

Also, if anyone has been reject from the sector, their empire name is shown in this page and he can be voted to be kicked out.

The 'Sector Tax' and 'Sector Fund' are shown on this page. The Tax level is set by the sector leader and can be a value from 0% - 10%. All the tax raised will be added to the sector fund which can be used to help empires in need. The sector leader and the assistans sector leader can distribute the sector fund at any time.

Sector News

Sector Forums






You can sell/buy ships in the Market with other players in the game.

From the Market you can:

 1. Sell a Ship
 2. Buy a Ship 

1. Sell a Ship: To add a ship to the market, click 'add ship to market'. Tick sector or open market (or both) to choose who you want your ship to be available for. Then choose the ship you want to add to the market and the minimum price (price must be at least half the original cost of the ship). You can then select how long your ship should be on the market for, between 2 and 8 ticks are available. Remember when your ship is on the market it is not defending your empire and you are still paying its maintenance costs. Once you have decided to sell a ship and placed it on the market, you are not able to remove the ship from sale. Your ship will be returned to defending your empire at the end of the time you set as long as no one buys your ship.

2. Buy a ship: To buy a ship on the market, simply click 'bid' next to the desired market item, if you have the sufficient amount of credits then you will be able to bid for the item. To do this enter a maximum amount that you want to pay for the ship, (you must bid at least 10k more than the previous highest bid). As other players place bids, we will automatically increase your bid up to a maximum of the amount you entered. If a player places a bid that is higher than your maximum bid, then you will be outbid and the credits that you bid will be returned to you.

At the end of the bidding period, the highest bidder will win the ship, a news item will notify the seller of who bought their item. The difference between the buyers maximum bid and the highest bid when the ship is sold will be refunded back to the buyers account

You are unable to buy ships if you have not researched the technology for them. Anyone can buy ships upto and including cruisers, however after that, you need to research the appropriate technology to build a ship before you can buy it.

Universal News

War Options


The attack room is where you can co-ordinate your military fleets to attack enemy empires

There are 3 main types of attack:

 1. Planetary Attack
 2. Asteroid Attack
 3. Resource Attack 

To find out whether your attack will be successful, you must compare your attackpoints to the defencepoints of the empire you are attacking. If your attackpoints is greater than the defencepoints then the attack will be successful.

Attack Points: Weapon powers for all of the ships added up multiplied by an attack bonus if you have one.

Defending Points: Weapon powers for all of the ships added up added to defence platforms*20 and then multiplied by 1.15 if shields are enabled. If the defender has a defence bonus then multiply it by that also.

Damage Points: The damage points determines how much damage the attacking ships will do.

You will only be able to attack an empire if thier current networth is between 1/6th and 6 times your own (If this is enabled). If an empire has less than 50,000 networth then anyone is able to attack them.

1. Planetary Attack: This attack allows you to take enemy planets to build on. To do this you need to send a larger force of ship in an attack than the enemy has defending. If you succeed then you will conquer 10% of their land or a minimum of 20 land if their land falls below 200. If you fail your attack then you will get nothing.

2. Asteroid Attack: This form of attack is used to gain asteroids which you can build mines on to gain credits and resources. If your attack is successful then you will gain 10% of the enemy empires asteroids.

3. Resource Attack: This form of attack is used to gain resources (Credits, Power, Population, Metal, Deuterium). If your attack is successful then you will gain 10% of the enemy empires resources.

When you select ships, the game will automaticlly calculate how many attack and damage points the ships you have selected have.


The EMP disrupter is capable of generating waves of energy which can be used to lower the shields of an enemy empire. Shields are able to take around 5 EMP waves before they destabilise, whenever an tick passes however the shield are able to restabilise by 1 point, however if they have been fully disabled it will take the actual player to press the button and turn them back on to start them again.

Once a shields power has been lowered by EMP to 0 the empires shields become so unstable they must be dropped. This effectually turns the players shields off and leaves them without the 15% extra defence.

Because of the disruptive nature of an EMP emitter it is only safe to use it once an tick, also it uses a large level of power due to it's ability to disrupt power within the empire. This means that using the EMP will cost 500 power.

If you wish to find out the level of shields upon an opponent then by doing a General Scan their empire details you will see "Shield Status: Online (5)." 5 representing the number of EMPs needed to drop the shields.


The Intelligence Center is where your probes are controlled, which gather intel on other empires.

There are 4 main types of scans:

 1. General Intel
 2. Fleet Scan
 3. Buildings Scan
 4. Stealth Scan

1. General Intel: This form of intel is the only kind of intelligence that your empire can use without completing a research. A General Intel scan will give you an overview of the enemy empire, including buildings and resources and list their ships. However the status of the ships is not known, thus the 'Empire Defense' value is made up of all ships regardless of their status. (Just assumes 'Defending'). Note that you must have General Scan researched to use this scan.

2. Fleet Scan: This form of intel lists all ships owned by the enemy empire, showing their current status and condition, including, Hull, Shields, Crew. Only ships in 'Defending' status can repel an attack by your fleets. 'Empire Defense' is the total defense offered by enemy ships in 'Defending' Status. Note you must have Fleet Scan researched to use this scan.

3. Buildings Scan: This form of intel list the buildings built on the enemy's empire. Note that it does not display buildings currently in production. You will require the research Buildings scan to use this form on scan.

4. Stealth Scan: If you are succesful with the Stealth scan, the enemy empire will not be aware of that it has been scanned. The scan returns the defence of the empire. Stealth scan has to be researched.

User Options


From Here you can:

 1. Enter Vacation mode
 2. Delete your account
 3. Add/Change ICQ
 4. Add/Change AIM
 5. Customize the colour scheme
 6. Leave newbie mode early
 7. Enable/Disable Sector Pictures 
 8. Enable/Disable Help

1. Vacation mode: If are going on vacation or know that you may not be able to logon for a while then you can go into vacation mode where no-one can attack and you will not be deleted for 2 weeks due to inactivity. Once you have activated vacation mode it will not start for another 24 hours and once this time has passed you can not login for another 48 hours. To cancel the vacation mode either login within the 24 hours or after 72 hours to bring yourself out of vacation mode.

2. Delete Account: To delete your account, enter your password and click delete. Your account will then be deleted, please remember that creating and deleting accounts is against the rules. N.B. Empire entry and deletion from a sector is recorded in the sector news.

3. Add/Change ICQ: Simply click 'add/change ICQ' and enter your ICQ number in the box and hit 'submit'.

4. Add/Change AIM: Simply click 'add/change AIM' and enter your AIM nick in the box and hit 'submit'.

5. Customize Colours: Star-Fury allows you to choose from several different colour schemes. Select one from the dropdown list given. Try them all and see which you like best. The scheme you select will be remembered each time you login.

6. Leave newbie mode early: You will be able to chose to leave newbie mode early here and you will immediately be able to attack other players, but they will also be able to attack you. Half of the Newbie mode must have expired before this option is avalible.

7. Enable/Disable Sector Pictures: You may disable the possibility to view sector pictures with this feature, when disabled all sector pictures will not appear in sector browsing. You can re-enable it after disabling.

8. Disable/Enable Help: You can turn on/off the Help notices here.








Game types

Star Fury runs rounds of two different types:-

Normal: This is the normal round described throughout this guide.

Last Man Standing (LMS): This type of game is an elimination round. When the game is announced there is a signup period given. At the end of this period, signup is disabled so no one can join in the middle of the round. You will not be able to respawn or enter vacation mode during a LMS round After half the empires have been eliminated the networth protection that stops people attacking an empire 1/6th of their size is turned off and all alliances are disbanded. You can also attack empires in your own sector. This is when it really becomes a free for all and a race to be the Last Man Standing starts.

Starship Construction

You can build and maintain 12(Will vary from round to round) capital class ships under your empire

  1. Ship Class selection
  2. Power allocation
  3. Naming your ship 

1. Ship Class Selection: There are many class of capital ships in Star Fury, ranging in different Hull, Shields, Weapons, Power and Cost. To view all the ship classes, go to either the star dock or the military page and select 'Construct Capital Ship'. You will then be presented with a list of ship classes. Clicking a class will give you detailed information about that class of ship. If you wish you can then start construction of it, provided you have sufficient resources. If all the values show up as green (power, metal, deut, credits, etc), then you have sufficient resources to build that ship. If any show up red, then you don't have enough of those resources, and need to obtain more. You should also make sure you are producing enough credits per tick to afford the maintenance cost of that ship.

2. Power allocation: There are 3 systems which you can assign a percentage of the ships power core:

Weapons: This defines how much of the ship power core will be used to combat against your enemies, if you have 50% to your weapons on 5,000 GW ship, then 2,500 power will be used to power your weapons systems.

Engines: These determine the travel times of your star ships. The higher the percentage of the ships' power core you assign to engines, the smaller your travel times will be.

Sensors: This determines the power devoted to your ships sensors, the more power to the sensors, the more they will be able to 'see'. Which is essential for exploration.

2. Naming your ship: When you construct your ship you have the ability to name it. However, the name must not be in use by another ship in the game (it won't let you build it otherwise). You can re-name a ship by clicking on it in the star dock or military screen and then clicking its name.

Sector Control Center

The Sector Control Center is only accessible by the Sector Leader.

From the SCC, you can do the following:

  1. Change sector name.
  2. Change Sector tax / Give Financial aid.
  3. Set or change a sector question.
  4. Reject an empire from the Sector
  5. Add / Change the Sector Image

1. Change sector name: The Sector Name can be set by simply entering it into the respective box and clicking 'Change'. Having a Sector name is not compulsory, however it does help to make your sector more unique.

2. Change sector tax: To set the tax level, enter a value between 1 and 10 percent, with a maximum of 2 decimal places and click 'Set Tax'. Once the tax is set, each hour, all of your sector members are taxed your level of tax as a percentage. All the tax is accumulated in the Sector Fund, which can be distributed to any of the empires in your sector, including yourself. To send credits from the sector Fund, click 'Send Aid to an empire', select an empire and enter a value in the relevant box, then click 'Send Aid'. Any empire can also donate to the sector fund via the Politics page. You can however only donate 10% of your Credits to the fund at a time. N.B. All Transactions to and from the sector fund are recorded in the Sector News.

3. Set or change a sector question: To help in the diplomacy of your sector, the ability to ask a 'Question' means you can obtain a quick poll to a question from your sector's empires on a particular subject. To Set a question, simply enter the desired question in the respective box and hit 'Display Question'. Once set, the sector question will be display as soon as any member of your sector logs in, and in the Sector Politics page. Each empire can vote on the question once. To display a new question, hit 'Reset Question', which clears the current question and votes, allowing your to set a new question. Once a new question is set, the sector members can again vote on the new question.

4. Reject an empire from the Sector: If it becomes necessary to 'Kick' an empire from your sector (e.g. the empire is inactive, or the empire is working against the sectors best interests), you can do so by clicking 'Kick/Reject Empire', Selecting an empire and clicking 'Kick Empire'. As a result of being 'kick', the rejected empire has no access to the alliance forums. You are limited to three kicks per round. To Un-Kick an empire from your sector, simply select 'Nobody' from the drop-down list and hit 'kick empire', thus unselecting the previous kicked empire. (Revoked)

5. Add/Change a Sector Image: To add an image for your sector, click 'add/change image URL', then enter the desired image url. To disable the sector image click 'disable sector image'.

Alliance Control Center

This page is only accessible by an alliance leader and the Assisant alliance leaders (AAL), either from the main page or the alliance center.

From here you can:

  1. Add/Change the alliance description.
  2. Add/Change the alliance website or image.
  3. Add/Change the login notice.
  4. Accept/Reject members.
  5. View/Remove empires from the alliance.
  6. Change the alliance passwords.
  7. Change the alliance details.
  8. Delete the alliance.
  9. Set an Assistant Alliance Leader.
 10. Manage Hidden threads

1. Alliance Description: To change the alliance description, enter the new description where the current description is and hit 'change'.

2. Changing Alliance Website: Here you can add the link for your alliance website or for an image which will be displayed on the alliance details page.

3. Change the login notice: To change the alliance description, enter the new description where the current description is and hit 'change'.

4. Accept/Reject Applications: From here you can view the current requests for your alliance and accept or reject them.

5. Removing Empires: To view or remove an empire click 'View/Remove Empire', this will take you to a list of current empires in your alliance. To remove a empire from the alliance, click 'Remove' next to the empire you want to remove. Once removed the empire is notified and is recorded in their news.

6. Changing Passwords: To change the alliance password, click 'change alliance password'. Then enter the current alliance password and the desired new password (plus verify) and click 'Change Password'. Repeat the procedure for the alliance forum password by clicking 'change forum password'.

The Forum password can be given out to anyone within your alliance, which will give them the ability to manage your forums for you. This is useful if your forums get very busy or if you can't check your account for a while.

7. Alliance details: Here you can fill in a more extended description of your alliance.

8. Delete Alliance: To delete your alliance, click 'delete alliance' and entered the alliance password in the relevant box, and hit delete. All sectors currently in your alliance will be removed and your alliance will be removed from the alliance browser.

9. Set an Assistant Alliance Leader: Running a large alliance can be a very time consuming job. To help you there is the ability to select two AAL's who will be able to accept requests to join the alliance and chose the status between you and other alliances in the game.

10. Manage hidden threads: The alliance leader can make hidden threads that only a selected number of people can see.

Galaxy Leader Center

To be the GL you must be the largest sector leader in your galaxy. As a GL, you can do the following.

  1. Change the Galaxy Name 

To change the galaxy name, you can click on galaxy control center and enter the new name into the box.


The world of Star-fury was until recently inhabited only by Terrans, however as time passed and the race spread through space they have encountered other species; each with it's own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Upon signing up you have to choose your race. Although each is different, we have tried to make all the races advantages be equalled by their disadvantages (against empires of other races), thus you would be wise to pick a race that fits your playing style.


Your good old human, who descended from his ancestors whom lived upon Earth. An extremely versatile race, they are able to inhabit almost any land type. However, they are extremely poor at energy conservation. Humans have been fortunate enough to discover the streams of space, and by harnessing these may be able to speed up travel through the void.

20% extra population (Production and homes) -10% power production loss Research Complete on Advanced Lithium Mines


A trading race by nature, the Herogen come from a galaxy rich in many of the more advanced minerals used in the production of modern ships. This has led to them becoming astute and rich, benefitting from a large amount of revenue in banking and trading. However, the Herogen have always attempted to remain neutral to any conflicts and subsequently have become slightly lax with their defences. They tend to think of invasion as an unlikely event. Their intelligence gathering is second to none, and although mainly used for finding out information about competition in business, it is equally able to find out details on many aspects of an enemy's kingdom.

20% Credit bonus -5% defence power Double number of command probes. Unlimited Advanced Probe Research Items


Well over 7' in height, they share their appearance with that of a Lizard, although in a humanoid form (Swede). Their extreme strength suits them very well at engaging an opponent at close range, a form of combat they take full advantage of when attacking/defending. However, because of their highly territorial nature, they tend to live much less densely packed than other races.

10% offence bonus -20% power loss -10% population growth Research Complete on Population Tax


Extremely good at generating power, they are an efficient race that use all resources wisely, thus meaning their military costs are lower than other races. However, they are a peaceful people and as such do not have the offensive power of other races.

25% power bonus -10% offence power Unlimited Technology Research Items, Except in Advanced Probe Section


This race has just been found on the fringes of the universe. Only about 1 meter tall when fully grown, they have spent their lives perfecting the art of defence. With the natural habitat full of predators they have a lower population growth rate and credit production rate, however are good at defending themselves and coming up with new ideas.

10% Empire defence bonus 5% Research rate bonus -10% Population growth rate -5% Credit production rate


Marvion have neither advantages nor disadvantages, or a bonus. They are good for players who dont want a disadvantage.


As both a vital part of communicating with your fellow alliancemates, it is also optimal to use for coordinated attacks.

Mehod 1: Built in Applet There are two main pages which you will be using in IRC. 1) #chat -where you hang out and talk with the general public 2) #alliancechannel -where you discuss things with your alliance members

It is really easy to access both pages. To access #chat, all you have to do is to press IRC in the menu on the left side of your screen. To access #alliancechannel, all you have to do is click on alliance forums. Then click on the IRC button above the top of the forums. You then just choose your nick name and connect. Although this method is easier, it is very limited. I would definitely reccomend using method 2

Method 2: Using an IRC client An IRC client is just an independent program which runs IRC. The client that i would recommend using is mIRC which can be downloaded at Download the program from a mirror of your choice. Run through the install program using all of their settings and tick launch program. Once the program opens, close the first popup and you are left with the mIRC options screen. The first thing you need to do is to add the Star Fury server. To do this, click the add button at the top right side of the window. In description, write Star Fury, and in server write . Leave the rest of the fields and click add. Now fill in the boxes at the bottom of the popup, your name, email etc. and press the connect button in the middle of the screen. You will now be connected to the IRC server and you will automatically join the #chat channel. To join #alliancechannel , type /join #alliancechannel in the chat window.

Extras There are some extra things which you might want to do to make your experience better. To register your nick with nickserv type /msg Nickserv register password email. The Authenticate usingthe code you get in your mail. /msg Nickserv auth code . Then you need to identofy each time you login to IRC by typing /msg Nickserv identify password

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