Actions are used to give orders to units, either enemy units, or friendly units controlled by the AI.

Making units take cover

First add something that the unit can take cover from:

  {Entity "defence1_08" 0x8010
     {Position 3220.455811 3647.040039 29.000000}
        {Turn -49.398705}

Remember, this must be in the mission.mi file. It cannot be in the map file.

Now we add it, so the game knows it's a place to take cover:

        {Automatic 0x8010 1.0 14.0}
        {Name "cov1"}

It's not clear what the 2nd and 3rd parameters after "Automatic" mean.

Now the action to make the unit really take cover, this must be done in a waypoint: (apperently the guy also take out his weapon when taking cover, smart move!)

     {position 3250.019287 3682.025146 29.000000}
        {transition 4294967295}
              {covers "cov1"}
              {weapon_prepare on}

When you order the unit to move to waypoint 15, he will take cover.

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