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Events can be either set or unset when created.

Events can be changed by triggers.

Triggers can use events to start actions.

How to define triggers (some examples)

The following code defines 2 events, one with state 1, and one with state 0.

  {event "prim_offic" id 86 state 1}
  {event "prim_offic_complete" id 87 state 0}

It is unclear what the next code does. My guess is that the event "zad2" starts with state 0, and after the delay of 617 passes it changes to state 1. More research is needed.

  {event "zad2" id 4 state 0}
  {event delayed 14252 13 1}
  {event delayed 617 4 1}

The next code shows how to use events to start triggers, it starts the action if both event 16 and 56 have value 1.

  {trigger "germans/nebel_fire"
        {term 1 "event"
           {id 16}
        {term 2 "event"
           {id 56}

Setting events in an action:

Here event 31 will be set after a small delay (the delay can be removed, if you want), even 76 will be toggled (1 will become 0, 0 will become 1) after delay "51 31" (what is that??). (Can events also be unset???)

  {trigger "germans/nebel_fire"
           {event 27}
           {mode set}
           {delay 15}
           {event 76}
           {mode toggle}
           {delay "51 13"}

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