The PDP-8 simulator found in SIMH is probably the most popular and widely-used PDP-8 emulator around. It emulates a wide array of hardware and as it relies on the operating system to provide terminal I/O supports a much wider number of terminals than the simple ASR-33 teletype emulated by other emulators. In addition it has bootstrap code for all supported devices built in so that it is not necessary to load in boot code from simulated paper tapes in order to use the tape or disk drives. The only serious drawbacks to the use of SIMH are it's lack of a GUI interface (requiring tempoary pauses in emulation in order to perform tasks like mounting and unmounting disks/tapes) and the fact that it cannot be obtained seperately from the rest of SIMH. Nevertheless, SIMH's PDP simultaor is the reccomended program for exploring the PDP-8.

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