Note, Before this story begins. This is a story made by EliJBrown/LinkandRutoFan for an fan-made Salty's Lighthouse episode. This TUGS story has all the characters by their SL personalities. This story also features Sea Rogue's Uncle (Now Paul) and The Green-eyed Pirates (Now Sea Rogue's henchboats).


It was a cool evening in Snugboat Harbor. The Star Tugs and the Zero Fleet were working hard with their jobs ordered by their captains. Ten Cents was putting a barge by an old shed. Then he heard a noise.

Ten Cents: Who's there? Hello?

Just then Sunshine arrived.

Sunshine: Hi Ten Cents. Whats going on?

Ten Cents: I heard a noise. I don't know what caused it.

Lurking behind the old shed was a black tugboat with an eye-patch named Sea Rogue. Top Hat had complained about once seeing Sea Rogue before.

Ten Cents: Anyway. I hope the barge with be safe here. Zip and Zug should be able to find it tomorrow.

That night Sea Rogue came out and stole the barge.

Sea Rogue: I'll just take this and add it to my collection of stolen barges.

Next morning Zip and Zug came to collect the barge left there for them by Ten Cents only to find it gone. They went to complain to Ten Cents.

Zug: Ten Cents, what happened to the barge?

Ten Cents: Why? Is it gone?

Zug: We're not sure, but it wasn't there when we went to go and get it.

Ten Cents: Oh no. It must have gotten stolen. I'll inform Captain Star.

Zug: We, I'll tell Captain Zero.

Ten Cents arrived to tell Captain Star about the stolen barge. Zip and Zug also told Captain Zero. Later the Stars and Zeros gathered at the star dock.

Captain Star: Tugboats, It seems there is a thief on the lose stealing barges. We have to catch this thief before anymore barges get stolen.

Zorran: After we catch this thief, what are we going to do with him?

Captain Zero: I have an old friend named Paul. He's a police boat. I'll call him and let him know there is a barge thief on the lose.

Captain Star: I'll order Grampus to investigate this thief to see where we can find him.

Later that day, Captain Star did send Grampus to look for Sea Rogue. He found an old shed. Inside was Sea Rogue talking with two greed-eyed tugs.

Sea Rogue: Okay. Tonight we are going to get ready to get out of here. I need you to put blankets on all the lights you find. You also have to be careful not to get caught.

Green-eyed tugs: Okay boss.

Grampus went to tell the others where Sea Rogue's hideout was. That night they were out waiting to catch the pirate. Ten Cents, Sunshine and Grampus then saw Sea Rogue coming towards them. The green-eyed tugs were also coming from the other end. Ten Cents came out and bumped into Sea Rogue. Sunshine went to catch the green-eyed tugs.

Ten Cents: We caught you.

Sea Rogue: ARGH.

Next morning, Paul arrived.

Paul: Thanks for capturing this boat. We've been trying to catch him forever. We'll make sure he is secure.

And then Paul took Sea Rogue away. The Tugboats were happy that they caught the pirate before any more barges could be stolen.

The End

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