Note, Before the story begins. This is a story made by EliJBrown/LinkandRutoFan for an fan-made Salty's Lighthouse episode, This TUGS story has all the characters by their SL personalities. This story also features The Goods Engine (was female, Now Princess Penny) and Coast Guard's Messangers (was female, Now Molly)


  • Its was beautiful day was sunshine for fun just be friends together with friends, now this is The Princess Train call her named Penny, Now the freight cars in there about story with things are different, now for Big Bassil with just start to him then Penny go to college.
  • Big Stack: well Warrior, Now just time for good day
  • Warrior: Yep, that are true day have fun.
  • Big Stack: Ya
  • Big Bassil: Wow, that look like about Princess Penny
  • Warrior: she was beautiful
  • Big Bassil: are your think about it.
  • Big Stack: ya, sure sure, we take that out of there.
  • Big Bassil: O.K.
  • But then she was Molly, when to Otis, was beautiful girl boat, she loving boat, But Top Hat, Frank, Eddie, Lord Stinker, Zebedee and Zak are find are way out.
  • Top Hat: that was hard.
  • Lord Stinker: (gasp), was that!
  • Zebedee: Oh my god, the bridge is broken in destroyed.
  • Zak: Hurry!
  • Top Hat: Hold On!
  • Frank: Hey, Where Penny.
  • Top Hat: What?
  • Eddie: she on the bridge
  • Zebedee: Come on, run!
  • Top Hat: now go go go go go go go go!
  • Now she Stanley, she griffin for us then she turn bridge on her.
  • Top Hat: Were waiting:
  • But Stanley, she out of her then she a going going going going going going and going
  • Top Hat: wow we, there took take long
  • Lord Stinker: (gasp), What that?
  • Zak: Oh-No!
  • Penny wait for bridge just one use for driving, she have in the bridge.
  • Top Hat: Quick hurry, now
  • Frank: Oh Right!
  • Top Hat: Lord Stinker now you can do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it!
  • Lord Stinker: O.K.
  • Then the Princess she wale she made she no far from home and fall from bridge.
  • Top Hat: Ya, they got the princess, Ya!
  • Lord Stinker: Thank you, Top Hat, your a hero, for my princess.
  • Top Hat: what a day!
  • Otis: So Molly your come too!
  • Molly: O.K.
  • Ten Cents: what they cute
  • Sunshine: ya tshe mite.
  • Boomer: Love you, Penny
  • Penny: I love you too, Boomer
  • Then she was to the college, and then thank you for other for tomorrow!

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