Smerd does not exist and is a figment of your nonexistent imagination, and has NO relations with footwear, the Mediterranean, or any Jewish countries of Biblical significance. Alright? Alright.

HOWEVER, if Smerd existed (DOES NOT!) Smerd would be a 50-foot tall uber-deformed LOLcat, with one eye, shark teeth, SHOOP DA WHOOP beams, and the sex of a yes.

The sex of "yes" is a special gender specific only to Smerd, which means they have all sex organs of all other genders, like hermapridites, only better. There are no other yes's in the world. The pronoun for people of the yes gender is always yes, as well.

There are no pictures of Smerd because Smerd does not exist, obviously. However, there are several artist interperetations, usually adorned with "I FEAR SMERD." Two known Smerdists are Micheal Jackson and a fucked up pumpkin.

Smerdism is a cultist religion in which Smerd, obviously, is the diety, if yes existed. So if a Kirby refers to the NKR as a cult, then they are sacrificing their soul to Smerd.

Smerd's major enemy is Toke, a blasphemous existent lemur that rapes babies and eats puppies, and the other way around. There is but one Tokite left, however. Proof of this baby/puppy raping/eating was brought to us by Zombeh Demosthenes Avian Orange Clockwork Kirby, and Photosh-A BRIALLIANT 50 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA CALLED THE PHOTOSH00PAH.

And, remember, FEAR SMERD!!!

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