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The SML project is the collaborative works of Wohm Studios' and Forerunner productions' Pivot animations. The SML project started with it's first story called Stickman Legends (SML1) which unfolded from a hand-to-hand magical combat animation to a 2 series sci-fi army story. Stickman Legends series 1 (Foundation Chronicles) follows Delta-6 squad of the Rebelsticks, an army fighting to keep order and to help with Evilstick army attacks alongside the Civilstick army; episode 1 opens with TMek fighting off an Evilstick army squad with the help of Roz3y in the city of New Dessin in 2225. The Stickman Legends main story revolved around Delta-6 squad (SML1 series 1), Juliet-7 squad (SML1 series 2) and UnfulfilledSoul from the Covenant of Metrion - Evilstick Army.
UnfulfilledSoul dies in the Stickman Legends: Here comes the drums (Xmas special) and the Stickman Legends story ends. Wohm Studios decides to continue the story with a new title: Stickman Legacy (SML2). Stickman Legacy is a 2 part story, Stickman Legacy: Fall of Legend and Stickman Legacy: Epic War. The story of Stickman Legacy: Fall of Legend was merely a promotional movie to promote the new animations and that Wohm Studios hasn't ended the project; the story is follows Delta-6 squad and some other known squads as they try to kill the new Covenant of Metrion commander - Legend. Ironically, the story provides a new weapon that will be used in Stickman Legacy: Epic War as both movies attempt to kill off known characters. The story of Stickman Legacy: Epic War is literally an end to the story as it will kill almost every known character from the series. Stickman Legacy: Epic War is being animated by Forerunner Productions instead of Wohm Studios.
There is confirmation of another SML project series called Stickman Legion (SML3); based on specific timeline events in the past of SML1 and SML2; Stickman Legion is another Forerunner Production animation. Aswell as confirmation on a cross-over movie where Helljumper and Emir follow DixieC to a planet called Mystopia; an estimated 5000 Evilstick army soldiers are on course to the planet and only two Rebelsticks follow - animated mainly by Webb7's Adventures productions.

Evilstick army

1st Honour Battalion

  • lord: Tornado1234
  • commander/covenant 1: Burnboy/Vengeance
  • commander/covenant 2: Raroo/Knowledge
  • commander/covenant 3: 11435/Weaponry

2nd Honour Battalion

  • lord: CannedCod
  • commander/covenant 1: The1/Guilt
  • commander/covenant 2: Snowman/Antarctica
  • commander/covenant 3: RollAway/Autumn

3rd Honour Battalion

  • lord: DigitalFusion
  • commander/covenant 1: Sparx/Winter
  • commander/covenant 2: Chibi/Kawaii
  • commander/covenant 3: Liger/Madagascar

4th Honour Battalion

  • lord: EvilPenguin
  • commander/covenant 1: UnfufilledSoul Legend DixieC/Metrion
  • commander/covenant 2: Fweek/Truth
  • commander/covenant 3: ElOve/Zanzibar

5th Honour Battalion

  • lord: Jazek
  • commander/covenant 1: Shehulk/Pluto
  • commander/covenant 2: SuperElite/Mercury
  • commander/covenant 3: Mavok/Saturn

6th Honour Battalion

  • lord: MrOptikanokanoka
  • commander/covenant 1: Webbman2/Reason
  • commander/covenant 2: GarudeHead/Massacre
  • commander/covenant 3: Bison/Terror

7th Honour Battalion

  • lord: LordGhost
  • commander/covenant 1: Liaros/Ignorance
  • commander/covenant 2: Shroom/Power
  • commander/covenant 3: Girwin/Planets

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