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You can use the box below to create new pages for this mini-wiki. Make sure you type [[Category:SNIP - Surgical Notes in Progress]] on the page before you save it to make it part of the SNIP - Surgical Notes in Progress wiki (preload can be enabled to automate this task, by clicking this link and saving that page. Afterwards, you may need to purge this page, if you still see this message).

Welcome message

SNIP is a dynamic resource that aims to provide an evidence based approach to current issues in surgical pracice.

SNIP was created on 25 September 2006 by James Rink

Use of SNIP

It is intended that people use SNIP as a virual index card system. There will be a heirarchical structure to aid navigation and increase the utility of the resource. Each page should address a topic and breifly summarise current RCT evidence. Where possible references to papers and web-sites should be included.

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