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On Sunday 6th May 2007 Ben Schoen, of the famous Harry Potter website, posted news that they were going to hold a contest for visitors of All you had to do was search for the Harry Potter related question at 3pm, 6pm, 9pm and 12am (EST) Everyday until the 21st July 2007. Your prize? A MuggleNet shirt. The catch? You had to be the one to find it the fastest and email in record time to be in

As you can probably guess, with the size of MuggleNet and its many thousands of pages, it is, well, slightly impossible to find it on your own so originally most people gathered in the comments of the contest news post and helped each other out. This proved difficult for several reasons. Firstly, you could only post every 3 minutes, secondly you had to keep refreshing to see if anyone HAD found it, and it was inevitable that the news post was going to disappear off the page any day with the amount of news coming in on MuggleNet everyday.

So, our very own John Chavez got his dear old brain in gear and gave birth to our room on MuggleNet Chat, where searches were able to gather at the allocated times and each person take a section of MuggleNet which they would search. After many different name ideas, including Ben Schoen's Army, we eventually settled on Society for the Protection of TeePeeps (SPoT). SPoT was very successful and the majority of members won t-shirts. SPoT is home to many people around the world, including America, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Finland, Taiwan and knowing SPoT theres probably someone from out of space. Members of SPoT (SPoTters) got to know time differences very well because of this diversity in location. Because the contest centered around EST timezone, people from the US set their clocks an hour ahead or behind. For the farther away SPoTters, it got a little more extreme, such as 5 hours a head for England, and nearly a day ahead for Australia. And yet these people stayed up searching for the questions very late into the night, even after they had won.


Original members include, but are not limited to:

john789,Guvnah, sirius_black411, BuckChow, ALICEF0, EmmaDe, GinnywithaJ, Pixiestx, caitlyn62442, Lottie, Kerrie_Black, PeopleAtMyWindow, SeayKat, steff, Brian, starrose, Caro, d0bbyr0cksmys0cks, tainted_crimson, littlebluesnitch, Lynn, svaads, mollychris (aka Malia), CSLupin, quidditchstar419, monkeysrule84, hobbitgirl, goldensnitch01, annamolly, Roelon, soulscape07, rowlover, mgrhpfan93, betelG, deatheater777, dj_radost, Felicia, Stupefy, Kaytor, halfbloodprincess, Mandi, Caitlin, Ryoku, Shorty, LupinsMoon, AnEternalFlame (aka Flame), shadowfax, stellar_evolution, Any, griffin, olivegirlac, qwertyy, Tori, yert, weasley, chrisw, Queen, Aclue, Nectarina, meskerem, purpledog, addie, hpchaos, Tilly, Frodo_Baggins, peterpicklez, LastHorcrux, Albus (previously Dumblefawkes and Dumbledorephoenix), Tiara, Lunarian, J_Dizzle


Now nearly a year after the contest and SPoT is still going strong, famous now for our many appearances on MuggleCast's 12 hour live show, MuggleNet Interactive and Ben Schoen's wall. SPoT is much more than a group of contest t-shirt winners. It's about friendship and community. You wouldn't of guessed that a year later, after the contest was announced, that they would still be here now, with an endless stream over memories, drama, carrot related conversations and inappropriate discussions that lead to being told of by a Donut. May there be many more happy times, because theres nothing more important than a strong friendship and that is what they have.

Also occuring recently, various members of SPoT have begun to return. BuckChow, one of the original members/founders of SPoT has recently been making late-night visits to the chatroom. The number of SPoTters in the chat seems to have been increasing as more members return.

Excitingly enough, a member of SPoT, more specifically Debbie, received a letter from JK Rowling in response to one she sent months previous. Jo's response was well thought out and apparently very caring and loving in nature.

SPoT's up-coming birthday: Saturday 10th May 2008. The day SPoT was officially created and we began searching as a team. Party starts 3pm EST onwards, marking the start of our first search together. Join us for endless amounts of fun, as per usual - including old favourites and of course, SPoT wouldn't be SPoT with out a little bit of Ben provoking! Anyone up for emailing him at 3, 6. 9, and 12....


On December 23, SPoT was made aware of its first official fan. In Yahoo Chats, a chatter mentioned the group SPoT, whom she had heard about during the 12 hour live Mugglecast. She thought more of them should have called in, and seemed to know a lot about the group. In gratitude, SPoT sent in a feedback form to Mugglecast thanking them for essentially "giving" SPoT its first fangirl. SPoT also told Mugglecast that to replace the void when Mugglecast ends April 6, SPoT plans to revitalize its own podcast, known as SPoTcast.


SPoTcast is the podcast hosted by various members of SPoT. They have various humurous, and often innuendous discussions involving anything and everything Harry Potter related, as well as anything else that pops into their heads. Lately the show has been on hiatus, but the group hopes to start podcasting again around or before the end of Mugglecast. The show is hosted on, a site where people upload their podcasts based on anything whatsoever.

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