• Pikachu as Thomas
  • Diddy Kong as Edward
  • Fox as Henry
  • Captain Falcon as Gordon
  • Falco as James
  • Kirby as Percy
  • R.O.B. as Toby
  • Link as Duck
  • Mario as Donald
  • Luigi as Douglas
  • Yoshi as Oliver
  • Wario as Diesel
  • Lucas as Bill
  • Ness as Ben
  • Meta Knight as Boco
  • Peach as Daisy
  • Zelda as Mavis
  • as Stepney
  • Samus as Emily

  • Ice Climbers as Annie and Clarabel
  • Sonic as Bertie
  • Pit as Harold
  • as Terence
  • as Trevor
  • Snake as George
  • Bowser as Bulgy

  • Mewtwo as Duke
  • Marth as Skarloey
  • Ike as Rheneas
  • Wolf as Sir Handel
  • Roy as Peter Sam
  • as Rusty
  • as Duncan

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