Robert Downey Jr. as Mario

Orlando Bloom as Link

Alexander Ludwig as Pit

Dee Bradley Baker as Kirby

Ikue Otani as Pikachu

Ashton Kutcher as Fox McCloud

Angelina Jolie as Samus

Jack Black as Wario

Jena Malone as Zelda/ Shiek

Lou Ferringo as Bowser

Mickey Rourke (Voice) as Bowser

Andy Serkis as Donkey Kong/ Falco Lombardi

Michael Clarke Duncan (Voice) as Donkey Kong

Jon Header (Voice) as Yoshi

Chris Hemsworth as Ike

Zac Efron as Pokemon Trainer

Tara Jayne (Voice) as Squirtle

Craig Blair (Voice) as Ivysaur

Robin Atkin Downes (Voice) as Charizard

Jessica Alba as Peach

Bumper Robinson (Voice) as Diddy Kong

Antonio Banderas (Voice) as Meta Knight

Logan Grove and Joey King as The Ice Climbers

Christian Bale as Solid Snake

Rupert Grint as Lucas

Jason Anthony Griffith (Voice) as Sonic/ Shadow

John DiMaggio (Voice) as King Dedede

Seth Green as Captain Olimar

Daniel Radcliffe as Ness

Chris Pine as Marth

Zach Galifianakis as Luigi

Greg Cipes (Voice) as Falco Lombardi

Dale Earnhardt Jr. as Captain Falcon

Liam Neeson (Voice) as Master Hand

Sean Schemmel (Voice) as Lucario

Anthony Daniels (Voice) as ROB

Ben Burtt (Voice) as Mr. Game and Watch

Terry Crews as Ganondorf

Rachael Lillis (Voice) as Jigglypuff

Nicky Jones as Toon Link

Christopher Lee (Voice) as Wolf O'Donnell

Doug Jones as Tabuu

Leonard Nimoy (Voice) as Tabuu

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