• Meta Knight as Charlie
  • Amy Rose as the Pink Unicorn (both are pink)
  • Buddy the Bellhop as the Blue Unicorn
  • Princess Peach as the Letter Y in CANDY (both have high-pitched voices)
  • NiGHTS as the Green Banana Kingdom Creature
  • Samus as the GoatFish
  • Charizard as the Liopleurodon

Hot Topic Advertisement

  • Pikachu as the Weasel

Charlie Teh Unicron

  • Fox as Leo the Dinosaur
  • Zelda as the Denny's Waitress
  • Bowser as the Banana King (both are kings)


  • SSBU stands for Super Smash Bros. Universe
    • It can be found on the Super Smash Bros. Fanon Wiki
  • The relation between Meta Knight, Buddy, and Amy is that Meta Knight mentored Buddy and Amy, and Amy is one of Buddy's best friend
  • In the original videos, the genders of the pink and blue unicorns are unknown
  • The parody includes the original series, the ad for Charlie the Unicorn merchendise at Hot Topic, and the parody series Charlie Teh Unicron
  • Buddy and Amy are also featured in my parody of The Interview, which is also by SecretAgentBob

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