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  • Pokemon Trainer A.K.A. Red as Peter
  • Samus as Lois (RedxSamus)
  • NiGHTS as Meg
  • Midna as Chris
  • Amy as Stewie
  • Buddy as Brian
  • Mario as Cleveland
  • Fox as Joe
  • Krystal as Bonnie
  • Luigi as Quagmire
  • Waluigi as Mayor Adam West

Theme Song

Samus: It seems today, that all you see, is chaos in movies and loss on TV

Red: But where are those good old happy endings--

All: On which we use to all like!?

Lucky he's a Family Fighter

Lucky he's a guy who

Does what we'd like him to

So that he can help us

Amy: Have some hope!!

All: He's...a....fam...ily.........FIGHTER!!!


  • Despite having only 1 daughter and 2 sons, the kids are all portrayed by girls in this
  • Treona (OC) and Daisy are not mentioned because Brian and Quagmire don't have permanent love intrests
    • Peach is also not mentioned because she would be in Cleveland Show, not Family Guy

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