• Amy Rose as Konata
  • NiGHTS as Kagami
  • Coco Bandicoot as Tsukasa
  • Buddy the Bellhop as Miyuki
  • Peach as Akira
  • Zelda as Ayano
  • Meta Knight as Minami
  • Kirby as Yukata
  • Samus as Misao
  • Fox as Patricia
  • Falco as Hikaru
  • Pikachu as Hiyori
  • Ness as Yukari
  • Bowser as Nanako


  • SSBU (Super Smash Bros. Universe) is my fangame on the Super Smash Bros. Fanon
  • Lucky Star is an anime about the lives of school girls in Japan
  • Buddy will be constantly refered to as "moe" (mo-ay), meaning a character that possesses a trait that makes people fond of them

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