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Malicious Code

Malicious Code Types

Functional Virus Types

Viruses are categorized by their functional attributes:

  • Boot sector
  • File
  • Multi-partite
  • Polymorphic
  • Metamorphic
  • Stealth
  • Quasi-virus (Meta-virus)
Boot Sector Viruses
File Viruses
Multi-partite Viruses


Polymorphic Viruses

Polymorphic viruses attempt to change their memory signature during execution to avoid detection by signature-based anti-virus scanners.

Metamorphic Viruses

Metamprphic viruses attmpt to chnage their file signiature as they replicate.

Stealth Viruses
Quasi-virus (Meta-virus)

The most common form of a quasi-virus is the Macro virus. Quasi-virus programs are also called Meta-viruses, but that is not the correct term to describe something that is "virus-like."


Computer Knowledge Virus Tutorial

Timeline of notable computer viruses and worms

List of computer viruses

Macro virus (computing)

Melissa (computer worm)

Code Red (computer worm)

SQL slammer (computer worm)

Morris worm

Nimda (computer worm)

Trojan horse (computing)


Zombie computer




Mobile Code Threats

Types of Attacks

Infection Vectors

  • Executing infected programs
    • Booting from floppy disk, hard disk, or CD
    • Present in file or program distribution
    • Downloaded from FTP or Web sites or P2P file sharing network
  • Browsing malicious or poisoned Web sites
  • Email
    • Opening (executing) email attachments
    • Displaying HTML email pages
    • Clicking on links referencing malicious or poisoned Web sites
  • Instant messaging
    • Opening (executing) transferred files
    • Clicking on links referencing malicious or poisoned Web sites
  • Open network shares (public and private)
  • Exploitation of various Microsoft IIS 4.0 / 5.0 directory traversal vulnerabilities
  • Back doors opened by worms (Code Red II, sadmind/IIS) and Trojan hourses.
  • Zombie computer (botnet)

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