Sustainability refers to a theoretical framework that encourages actions and behaviors that aim to secure a high quality of life for all people that is sustainable over time. The sustainability framework encourages us to find ways to meet the needs of the present without undermining the ability of future generations to meet their needs in the future.

"Sustainability" refers to the capacity for being able to maintain a particular quality or qualities over a period of time while allowing for the possibility of change being effected by present or future generations in taking care of their own needs.

For definitions on sustainability see Definitions of sustainability

Additional definition that is a little more robust is: —the quality of a state or process that allows it to be maintained indefinitely; the principles of sustainability integrate three closely interlinked elements—the environment, the economy, and the social system—into a system that can be maintained in a healthy state indefinitely. plagiarized from web


The Unsustainability of Sustainability

How long can you sustain? Take the challenge here

How do you keep your high performing organization at it present state? Share your ideas with others here:

Challenges to the Sustainability framework

discuss pros and cons of using the sustainability framework to promote change (personal, social, environmental)

Alternatives to the sustainability framework

Different areas/disciplines/initiatives that use a sustainability framework

Environmental sustainability is only one type of sustainability

corporate sustainability; as a way to manage corporate complexity and change organizational sustainability;

Sustainability and Culture

In their book Culture and Sustainability: A Cross-national Study of Cultural Diversity and Environmental Priorities among Mass Publics and Decision Makers, Ester provide an interesting discussion of how culture is perceived and matters in different cultures.

Political Influence on Sustainability

Information about political parties and positions regarding sustainability.

Costs and Benefits of Sustainability

Positive and negative impacts in both the near and short term for sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Agriculture

Impact and changes required for sustainable agriculture(for instance, water information).

Sustainable Agriculture definition as provided by the University of California.

The USDA also provides a definition through the National Agriculture Library

Cultural Considerations of Sustainability for a Course on Black Culture

For this Introductory course on African American Culture, you are now looking at the Post-Civil War Period 1865-1880 known as Reconstruction and am asked to look at how the Southern states worked to develop a strategy, a system, that would enable it to sustain an oppressive class system that effectively enforced segregation of the races, developed a second-class status that served as an effective replacement for the enslavement that marked the antebellum South, and made it possible for unborn generations to maintain this status quo through both de facto and de jure policies and practices.

Web Resources

Center for a World Balance

The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

The mission of The Cloud Institute is to ensure the viability of sustainable communities by leveraging changes in K-12 school systems to prepare young people for the shift toward a sustainable future.

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