Welcome to the SVO wiki, a source for basic information related to using vegetable oil as a fuel in modified diesel engines.

This wiki is an outgrowth of the active conversation and experimentation taking place on the General SVO Discussion Forum at the Biodiesel & SVO Discussion Forums.

The information contained here is intended as an overview of the basics of collecting, filtering and using vegetable oil as fuel, as well as designing and installing your own SVO system, or choosing an SVO conversion kit. Please read and understand this information before asking questions on the SVO forum. If the answer to your question can be found here, it will most likely be ignored on the forum.


SVO is an experimental and evolving technology. All information contained in these pages is to be used at your own risk. The authors of this information bear no responsibility for the results of your actions.


Frequently Asked Questions: Start here.

Acronyms: You will encounter many new acronyms and abbreviations, and here you can find out what they mean.

Definitions: A growing compilation of SVO-related terms.

History: History of the diesel engine and the SVO movement.

10 Steps to SVO Conversion: An overview of the basic process.

Collecting SVO: Information about acquiring and processing vegetable oil.

Do It Yourself: So you think you can start from scratch?

SVO Kit Manufacturers: Overview of options for buying an SVO conversion kit.

Components: What you need to convert your diesel to SVO.

How To Files: An assortment of information on various tasks related to SVO.

Conversion Database: A list of vehicles running on SVO, with some notes.

Member Pages: A look at what others are doing.

SVO:Site Map

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