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Slang used on the SWE boards:

Origin: Farscape


  • Dren
    • Vulgar term equivalent to "shit", or an unwanted substance or act.
    • Example: "Same dren, different planet.", "What is this dren?", and "Oh, great, yeah, we have to put up with this dren again."

Origin: Star Wars


  • As slippery as a greased Dug
    • Untrustworthy.


  • Bantha fodder (or Bantha poodoo in Huttese)
    • Meaning Bantha food, an insult; Suggestion that someone is dead or soon to be dead; "As good as dead."
  • Blast!
    • An interjection, the equivalent of "shoot!".
  • Blinking
    • An expletive.
  • Blue Milk Run
    • An ordinary and uneventful mission.
  • Brix
    • An expletive. E.g. "What the brix are you doing here?"
  • Bucket Head
    • A Rebel term for an Imperial pilot or Stormtrooper
  • Burnout
    • Spacer slang referring the loss of power in a starship's power plants.
  • By the Force!
    • An exclamation.


  • Calibrating my Deece
    • Slang for sexual intercourse or masturbation.
  • Captain Obvious
    • Slang for someone who is oblivious to an obvious situation.
  • Case Yellow
    • Military code meaning light resistance.
  • Chaos take me!
    • Mild expletive suggesting the subject is doing something they know is unwise.
  • Charge up her loading ramp
    • Slang for sexual intercourse.
  • Chuba!
    • Huttese translated as "You!" or "Hey you!". Literally, Huttese for an animal similar to a real-world frog or toad.
  • Clear Skies
    • Phrase used to wishing someone a good journey.
  • Codger
    • A whimsical term for an elderly man.
  • Connect-disconnect
    • Slang term used to describe a One night stand.
  • Coot
    • A disrespectful term for an elderly man.
  • A credit for your thoughts
    • Phrase meaning "What's on your mind?" or "Tell me what you're thinking". Equivalent to the real-world English phrase "A penny for your thoughts."
  • Crink
    • Curse, as in "go crink yourself."
  • Cut the phobium
    • Phrase meaning "stop lying". Equivalent to the real-world English phrase "cut the crap."


  • Damn
    • An expletive used to express anger, annoyance, disgust, etc.
  • Do garrals have freckles?
    • A phrase equivalent to 'Does night follow day?'


  • E chu ta!
    • A Huttese insult. Ben Burtt says that it's not really appropriate to translate.
  • Emperor's Black Bones!
    • An exclamation.


  • Farkled
    • An adaptable expletive, as in, "You just got farkled.", or used to describe any situation which was bleak or disastrous, as in, "We're farkled."
  • Fill Yer Boots
    • A phrase meaning "Eat your fill"
  • Final Jump
    • A euphemism for death, used by spacers.
  • Flyboy
    • A slang term for a starfighter pilot.
  • Frack
    • An expletive. An homage to the Battlestar Galactica sci-fi series where the term "frack" originally appeared. Also frakkin'.
  • Frag
    • An adaptable expletive, approximating to "fuck" in English.[53] It can also be short for "fragmentation", as in "frag grenade".
  • Frell
    • A curse. An homage to the Farscape sci-fi series where the term "frell" originally appeared.
  • Furball
    • An insulting way to describe or address a Wookiee.


  • Geezer
    • A disrespectful term for an elderly man.
  • Gentlebeing
    • Version of "gentleman" used to describe members of all genders and species.
  • Give a Psadan's patoot
    • Phrase that meant "to care about something", however usually said as "didn't give" or "don't give a Psadan's patoot".
  • Glitbiter
    • A drug addict.
  • Glowstick
    • A lightsaber
  • Grease the servos
    • A phrase meaning "to bribe".
  • Green as goblin moss
    • Naïve, inexperienced.


  • Happy juice
    • An alcoholic beverage
  • Haul jets
    • Spacer slang for departing an area as fast as possible.
  • Healing juice
    • Phrase used to describe bacta or kolto.
  • Heck
    • Mild expletive, usually to replace "hell".
  • Heel-and-toe express
    • Slang for a long walk, march or run.
  • Hell
    • Expletive. See Chaos.
  • Home free
    • A term meaning "safe".
  • Hook up a power coupling (or Hook up a power conduit)
    • Slang for sexual intercourse.
  • How do you plot that course?
    • A phrase meaning "how did you come to that conclusion?"
  • Hurt vector
    • Slang for a person who seems to attract misfortune to himself as well as others around him.


  • Impstar Deuce
    • Slang term often used by Rebel/New Republic pilots when referring to an Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II.
  • Into the nexu's den
    • Into a strongly defended area.


  • Jabba
    • A slang term used as a verb meaning "to deceive someone, leaving them in danger."
  • Jet Juicer
    • An alcoholic.
  • Jumped-up Corellian dirt farmer
    • An insult.


  • Kill two birds with one stone
    • A term that means to finish two objectives in one move.
  • Koochoo or Koochu
    • Huttese for "idiot".


  • Laserbrain
    • An insult, as in "I don't know where you get your delusions from, laserbrain.".
  • LED
    • Acronym for "light-emitting diode."
  • Local Rocket-Fuel
    • Slang for any home-brewed alcoholic beverage.
  • Lorda
    • Huttese title of respect.


  • Madclaw
    • Term for a Wookiee who has lashed out against another Wookiee with their claws.
  • Mandos
    • Slang term for Mandalorians.
  • Mudcrutch
    • An insult.
  • Mynock
    • to scavenge or steal from another, to profit from another's accomplishment or loot from another's kill (e.g., "someone comes along and mynocks your kill")


  • Nerfherder
    • A legitimate occupation on the planet Alderaan; an insult among Alderaanian nobility. Also a general insult.
  • Not firing on all thrusters
    • Not entirely sane.


  • Old timer
    • A term used by Han Solo to describe or address old men such as Don-Wan Kihotay.
  • Out of the woods
    • A phrase meaning "escaped from danger"


  • Piffer
    • Slang for an attractive woman.
  • Poodoo
    • A Huttese expletive for excrement; loosely translates to "fodder"; an equivalent of feces. Used often as a swear word.
  • Punching up a jump
    • The act of entering coordinates into a navigation computer prior to making the jump to lightspeed.


  • Raising ship
    • Raising ship: Leaving a planet in a starship or the act of lifting off.
  • Rankweed sucker
    • An insult.
  • Red Zero
    • Military term for requesting immediate extraction.
  • Recce
    • Short for 'reconnaissance'
  • RV
    • Short for rendezvous. Can also be used to refer to the location of a rendezvous or as a verb meaning 'to rendezvous'


  • Scratch gravel!
    • A phrase meaning "go away!"
  • Screaming like a stuck mynock
    • To scream or shriek in pain, loudly.
  • Set-down
    • Slang for the act of landing a starship.
  • Share coordinates
    • A metaphor as in 'in league with' or 'connected to'
  • Sith happens
    • A slang phrase used as an observation that life is full of imperfections.[79] Obviously a play on "Shit happens".
  • Sithspawn
    • An expletive used throughout the galaxy, originating from Corellia.[34] Can also refer to a specific kind of creature mutated or created by Sith alchemy. Most likely means the same thing as hellspawn.
  • Sithspit
    • A term equivalent to "shit" or "crap".
  • Sitting mynock
    • A vulnerable target.
  • Skrag
    • A Corellian expletive.
  • Slimesucker
    • Derogatory term used by Han Solo to describe Boba Fett, possibly of spacer origin.
  • Sleemo
    • A Huttese insult, pronounced slay-mo, and translating as "slimeball"
  • Smeg
    • A curse. An homage to the Red Dwarf sci-fi series where the term "smeg" originally appeared.
  • Space
    • Slang term for killing a person by exposing them to the vacuum of space, usually by launching them out an airlock
  • Spacer
    • Slang term used to describe individuals who live most of their lives in space.
  • Spun a loop pastry
    • Made something sound more dramatic than it is.
  • To stir up a mynocks' nest
    • To do something that causes even more trouble. Equivalent to the English phrase 'to stir up a hornets' nest'.
  • Stoopa
    • Huttese for "fool".
  • Sucks void
    • expression describing circumstances as welcome as a pressure leak.


  • Tee-my or TMAI
    • "Throw Money At It"; slang used by builders and mechanics.


  • Vape
    • Short for "vaporize". Starfighter pilot slang for destroying a target, especially in a dogfight.


  • Walking Carpet
    • Derogatory term for a Wookiee, referring to its shaggy coat.
  • Whingeing jimmies
    • Slang for being frightened. "It gives me the whingeing jimmies."
  • Wild bantha chase
    • A futile search. Equivalent to "wild goose chase" in English.


  • You'll find my boot up your exhaust port
    • Equivalent to "you'll find my boot up your rear-end." or "I'll kick your ass."
  • You-buh or UABH
    • "Use a Bigger Hammer"; slang used by builders and mechanics.

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