Hyperdrive Components

  • Alluvial damper
An alluvial damper was a subsystem of a starship's hyperdrive that was responsible for the regulation of thrust output from the generator. It operated by moving a servomotor-controlled plate to block the emission of ion particles from the hyperdrive.
  • Carbonite insert
Carbonite inserts were parts to hyperdrives.
  • Flux capacitor connector
Flux capacitor connectors were parts of hyperdrives. If they broke during hyperspace travel, they could short out the hyperdrive and cause the starship to abruptly drop out of hyperspace.
  • Horizontal booster
Horizontal boosters were a hyperdrive subsystem. It provided energy to the ionization chamber to facilitate ignition.
  • Hyperdrive field guide
A Hyperdrive field guide was a series of specialized metal poles used to channel the energy produced by a hyperdrive, allowing it to propel a starship into hyperspace.
  • Hyperdrive motivator
The hyperdrive motivator was the primary lightspeed thrust initiator in any hyperdrive engine system. It was connected to a vessel's main computer system to monitor and collect sensor and navigation data in order to determine jump thrusts, adjust engine performance in hyperspace, and calibrate safe returns to normal space.
  • Hyperspace shunt
A Hyperspace shunt was a key component of a hyperdrive unit. The shunt would transfer excess heat and power away from the hyperdrive, preventing damage to the internal systems.
  • Null quantum field generator
A null quantum field generator was a vital part of a hyperdrive unit. It stabilized the Hyperspace corridor from collapsing during flight, as well as shielded the ship from the harmful energies and the gravitational forces of Hyperspace. Its sole function was to keep it from prematurely emerging from hyperspace.
  • Paralight system
The Paralight system was a combination of mechanical and electro-optical subsystems built into the hyperdrive system of most starships. It was responsible for parsing commands from the ship's main computer into the appropriate format for the hyperdrive motivator data feed.
  • Transpacitor
A Transpacitor was a key hyperdrive component. The fist-sized device would transfer excess heat and power away from the hyperdrive, preventing internal damage. The Transpacitor was very similar to the Hyperspace shunt, and both were widely used in hyperdrive technology.
  • Transfer circuit
A Transfer circuit was a system in a hyperdrive system.

Starship Components

  • Artificial gravity generator
Artificial gravity generators were used to create a stable field of gravity outside of a planet's natural gravity well, thus aiding life in space. They were also used to compress objects; for storage purposes with gaseous commodities, and sometimes to create synthetic gems.
  • Autopilot
An autopilot (or auto-pilot) was an onboard computer system on most starships which piloted the vessel on a predetermined trajectory that could be plotted by the pilot or inputted from a catalogue of trajectories stored in the computer.
  • Communications array
A communications array was an array of communications antennas or other comm equipment used on various objects from starships to buildings. Arrays were used as interstellar communication all over the galaxy.
  • Deflector shield generator
A deflector shield generator was any device used to create a deflector shield, including both particle and ray shielding.
  • Flux stabilizer
Flux stabilizers were pieces of starship technology. They may have been similar to ion-flux stabilizers.
  • Heat sink
A heat sink was an environment or object that absorbed and dissipated heat from another object using thermal contact (in either direct or radiant contact). They could be found on starships and around reactors to cool them from overheating.
  • Ionization reactor
Ionization reactors were devices that were used on board spacecrafts to aid in effective space travel. The reactor was able to convert solar energy from the surrounding space into usable starship fuel.
  • Power converter
A power converter is the ignition system for a starship. It converts energy from the ship's primary power source to its propulsion units to achieve thrust.
  • Telesponder
The telesponder was a communications device incorporated on spacecraft. It automatically transmitted a ship's identification profile in reply to signals broadcast by starports and other military or civil authorities.
  • Vortex stabilizer
A vortex stabilizer was a component that could be found aboard many, if not all starships. These parts were not typically serviceable by crews in the field; thus if a vessel's vortex stabilizer became inoperable, the pilot would be forced to put into a spaceport for repair or replacement.

Onboard equipment

  • Caf dispenser
A Caf dispenser was a small machine that produced and dispensed ready-to-drink caf. A caf dispenser was a common sight in starships because they could keep the pilot or crew awake on long voyages.
  • Food synthesizer
Food synthesizers were devices that could create edible organic matter from a number of different raw materials (including sugars and carbohydrates). They could be programmed to make a large variety of food items, making them compatible with unique alien tastes. The food synthesizers were commonly found on starships, but could often be seen in residences as well. Even if a ship was equipped with a synthesizer, it would still carry food for emergencies.


  • Demagnetizer
A demagnetizer was a tool used in starship repair.
  • Hydrospanner
The hydrospanner was a type of common hand tool used as an all-purpose socket wrench and bit driver. It was used to tighten or loosen types of fasteners, such as nuts, bolts, and multiple sizes of screws and pins. Hydrospanners were in common use throughout the galaxy. They were used in the building, repairing, and dismantling of any mechanical device or structure like droids, equipment, starships, and related works of engineering.
  • Power wrench
A power wrench was a tool presumably similar in use to a hydrospanner.

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