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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
    1. Why SWR:TE
    2. Puplic Targeted
    3. Game Engine
    4. The Objective
    5. After Release
  2. Ingame universe and player environment
    1. User Interface
      1. General User Interface
      2. Strategy mode
      3. Tactical mode
  3. Major and Minor game factions
    1. Major Factions
    2. Minor Factions
  4. player objective and Game Types
    1. Default gametype
    2. Combat simulation
    3. Custom Gametype
  5. Game Resources
    1. Player resources
    2. Hidden resources
    3. A.I resources
  6. Game Units
    1. Building
      1. Resource processing Building
      2. Production Building
      3. Defencive Building
    2. Agent
      1. Hero
    3. Ground unit
    4. Space Unit
      1. Squadron
      2. Spaceship
  7. Word of the end
    1. Thanks
    2. Reference

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