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Sabrina: The Animated Series is a 1999 show
  1. Sabrina The Animated Series: is an /american show about a teenage witch going through Middle School life, she is half mordal, half witch, her aunt's are Hilda & Zelda', (not princess Zelda) Sabrina has blonde hair, blue eye's, single earrings of an orange star, and moon, that which match the necklace's of her aunt's, she also has an uncle named, Quigley.... she has a cat named Salem (which in note said that he was a warlock before Sabrina turned him into her cat companion) he has a yellow star on the side of his hip, a yellow collar, with a Ruby like license her friends are, Harvey Dwight Kinkle, and.... Chloe Flan, she has an enemy who is a rich snooty girl named, 'Gemini "Gem" Stone (or Gem as she is recently called in the show)
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