Sack Thorpe (aka 'Matt') is a character in the Virtual Series Mr. Thorpe and His Family and father of Mattholomew and Barratt Wallace from Final Fantasy VII. He looks like a cross between "Doc Brown, Groucho Marx and Gomez Addams", enjoys gold and is in some cases homocidal. He does love his son, as well as random sex with strangers and beating the crap out of random on the street.

He was married to Gladys, Matt's mother, who left him for the devil. He was also responsible for her death and her son-in-law's wedding. He was also married to Marcia Cross - and while her fate has not yet been revealed in the series, she is presumed deceased.


Sack's personality is quite volatile and complex at times. He has definite anger management issues and has been seeing a professional for years.

Role in the Series

Memorable Quotes

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