Wizzo the frog went to see princess Katie. “Hello, Katie!” Said wizzo. “Hello, Wizzo!” Said Katie. “It’s nice to see you back again.” “Thank you, Katie!” Said wizzo. “Do you know where my little brother is?” Asked Katie. “What’s your brother’s name?” Asked wizzo. “George.” Said Katie. “He likes going on the road.” “Does he?” Said wizzo. “Well he must not do that, must he, Katie?” “No, wizzo! He must not!” Said Katie. “I’ll find george.” Said wizzo. Down to the London shops, george wanted to go on the road because he liked going on the road. “Hello, george!” Said wizzo. “GEORGE! NO!” But george liked going on the road. Suddenly, the car came. “HELP!” Cried george. “Don’t worry, george, Said wizzo. “I’m coming to save you.” Wizzo rescued george from the road. “George!” Said wizzo. “Yes?” Said george. “You must never go on the road again. It’s dangerous.” Said wizzo. Wizzo took george back to the London castle. Princess Katie was watching high school musical. Her father went to Katie. “Would you like a chocolate cake, Katie?” Asked the king. “Yes please, Father.” Said Katie. Just then, wizzo came back with george. “George!” Said Katie. “Katie!” Said george. “You should never go on the road again.” Said Katie. “That’s right, Katie!” Said wizzo. Wizzo and Katie took george to his room. “Remember, George.” Said wizzo. “When the cars stop, you can cross the road.” “Yes, george!” Said Katie. “You have to stay away from the road because if you don’t, the cars will kill you.” “I won’t go on the road again.” Said george. “There’s a good boy, George.” Said wizzo. One night, wizzo, Katie, the king, george and katie’s little sister, jenny, were going to the theatre to see snow white and the seven dwarfs. “Remember, Everyone.” Said wizzo. “When the cars stop, we can cross the road.” But the cars didn’t come so jenny went to the road. But the king was very cross. “Never go on the road, jenny. Never! The cars might kill you.” Roared the king. Just then, the cars came and wizzo and the others crossed the road. “Now we can go to the theatre.” Said wizzo.

Safety rules are:

  • Don’t go on the road
  • Look at the green man
  • Then cross the road

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