This is where all starts. The name of the saga is: Planet Siba! It starts whit Goku and Piccolo talking on the planet of the kais. Suddenly, they disappear, and appear at the planet Siba.


The main heroes in all sagas will be: Goku, Naruto and Luffy. On this saga the supporting heroes will be:


  • Piccolo
  • Trunks


  • Sakura
  • Kiba

One Piece:

  • Franky
  • Brook

The villians will be: Frieza, Zabuza, Buggy and King Siba! It will be henchmen from every villian.


Episodes: 1-25
Episode 1:

Shonen Galaxy and Planet Siba! Clash of three Dimensions!


  • Opening 1: Shonen Heroes!
  • Episodes 1-25
  • Ending 1: Bye bye galaxy...
  • Episodes 1-13
  • Ending 2: Crossover!

Major Battles:

  • Goku and Piccolo vs. Siba-jins: Episode 1
  • Naruto and Sakura vs. Siba Elite Garu: Episode 1
  • Luffy vs. Siba-jin Ganryuu: Episode 1

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