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Mission 01: Lab Rats

Scene 1: Home Base

It had been a week and a half since Rantog, Shiro and Wade had left their old lives behind on Coruscant. Wade had kept in touch with Sasha as much as he could, and Rantog learned from Noda that Obi-Juan was begining his trials for knighthood.

The time in between had been filled with establishing a prefab shelter on Leritor, as well as trading and bartering for land and resources. Most of what they recieved was given to them by the colonists and Sauvax in gratitude for the teams aid in overthrowing the slavers mining for Sith artifacts.

Finally, the group had begun spreading word over the Holonet that their services were available to the highest bidder.

Now that the hard work of establishing their new career was done, the group waited patiently for a client. They did not have to wait long though, as they received a message through their new hyperspace tranceiver.

Scene 2: Danger of Playing Force

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Mission 02: Dovan's Trail

Scene 1: The Plan

It had been several weeks since Noda and the Gand had finally located the Black Flail operatives on Coruscant. However, due to the number of terrorists within the building, the two heroes needed some back-up. To this end, Noda waited until Obi-Juan completed the construction of his new green lightsaber before leading the raid to save Dovan.

Noda and Obi-Juan joined the Findsman in his hiding place, where he had spent some time surveying the area and taking note of the number of people within the base. Conferring with each other, the group decided that the best approach for the raid was to go into the building’s seventh level, and work down to the sixth, both of which were abandoned due to their proximity to the city’s bottom levels. The final step of the plan was to infiltrate the fifth level of the building, which the Gand had discovered to be the highest level the terrorists had ventured.

This plan would be more effective then simply entering through the first floor, as the door was obviously barricaded, and would take several minutes to get through with their lightsabers. However, it would give the heroes an advantage, as the criminals would find it difficult to escape when they were confronted by the team coming down from the higher levels.

Scene 2: Infiltration

The group executed the plan almost flawlessly, and reached the sixth floor without difficulty. In one corner of the level the Gand found a broken-down elevator shaft that only travelled the first six levels of the building. To reach the upper levels, the lift on the opposite side of the large room was required.

Obi-Juan and Noda opened the lift doors for the descending elevator, and the Findsman used some rope to lower the Jedi Padawan down the shaft. Obi-Juan had been lowered only a few feet when he called for the Gand to cease lowering him. He had just seen a security grid built into the wall, and his velker-eyes had spotted a laser turret housing not much further down the lift shaft.

Calling for the Gand to begin lowering him again, the Jedi used the Force to control his movements, by-passing the beams on the security grid. When he reached the laser housing, he activated his lightsaber and destroyed the weapon.

He continued his journey down until he reached the fifth level, and attempted to jump across the gap to the elevator door. Unfortunately, he misjudged the distance, and almost fell the other four stories down. However, Noda had assisted the Gand in his descent, and the Findsman pulled the Padawan to safety. Working together, they got the shaft door open, and moved out of the way so Noda could gracefully jump down, where he landed perfectly at the mouth of the elevator door.

Scene 3: Securing Level Five

Just as Noda had landed on level five, all three of the heroes heard sounds from around the corridor corner. Seeing that there was nowhere to hide in the corridor they turned back and climbed the access ladder within the lift shaft.

The group held their breath for a minute while they waited for the sentries to pass them by. However, the group heard the sentries walk up to the lift, with one calling out “We know the two of you are in there. Come out with your hands up!”

The three allies looked at each other deciding how they should proceed. Noda indicated that Obi-Juan and the Gand present themselves, as he now realised they were dealing with Force Adepts. It was his quick thinking that allowed him to hide his presence in the Force. Their plan was that the two young adventurers distract the sentries while Noda snuck out and attacked.

However, not all went according to plan. The sentries, impatient with the heroes’ response, used the Force to attack Obi-Juan, and he began to suffocate. Noda and the Gand jump out of the lift shaft while Obi-Juan recuperated, and a fight began.

The fight was evenly matched, as though the Jedi were armed with lightsabers, and the Findsman with his stun-staff, and the Force Adepts were wielding only quarter staffs, the sentries had the home advantage in the dimly lit corridor.

However, the Jedi prevailed, Noda killing one of the two sentries in self-defence, while Obi-Juan and the Findsman knocked the other Force Adept unconscious, and incapacitated her using binders the Gand had kept for situations just like this.

The group then moved down the corridor, and poked their heads around the corner, trying to determine if there were any security cameras or automated defences. There were none, and when the team investigated the level, they found only a single room filled with wires and a large computer terminal.

Obi-Juan’s curiosity got the best of him, and looking over the computer software, he discovered that it was the heart of security within the building. Typing frantically, he put a lock-down on the fifth and fourth levels, and deactivated all the automated security devices. He left the security cameras running at the advice of the Gand, who didn’t want to have to worry about a control room losing their signal, and directing the all the sentries to the fourth and fifth floors.

With that task concluded, the team made their way to the stairwell to level four.

Scene 4: Securing Level Four

After having carved out the door on level five, the Jedi and the Findsman jogged down the stairs until they reached level four. They hoped that by taking each level at a time, it would prevent the terrorists from surrounding them.

Prying the door open only slightly, the group saw a surveillance camera facing them, and there were three doors in the corridor, the closest one only a few feet away. Consulting each other, Obi-Juan, Noda and the Gand decided to rush into the room, rather than disable the camera, and alert the guards. In moments they had ripped open the stairwell door and rushed into the room, to abruptly stop when they saw they were in the security room.

Screens lined the walls showing all the cameras throughout the building, and only one operator was present. The Gand took the initiative and pulled out his stun-staff, using it to stun the man unconscious, before he could alert the other terrorists. Meanwhile, Noda examined the screens and found that level three was apparently deserted, but level two was obviously the barracks, and was occupied by a dozen or so thugs.

Memorising the details, the Jedi Master then destroyed the screens and the nearby computer console, hoping to prevent the security system from being used against them by a rear guard. He then turned to Obi-Juan, who was staring at the operator.

“Master, do you recognise this man?”

“Familiar he is, Padawan. Who is he?”

“I think he is Senn Domeet, the first member of Black Flail that GA-01 encountered, originally recruited by Zegmonn Pent. What worries me is that this man is supposed to be in a gaol cell right now.”

“Gand will just have to return him there after this is over.” said the Findsman as he proceeded to use the last of his binders to secure the technician to the heavy computer. Once that was done, the group investigated the hallway, and rooms.

The first room was empty, although when they opened the door of the last room, two probe droids shot out, and began firing at the group. The Jedi jumped in quickly, and destroyed the robotic torturers, but not before some stray blasts had grazed the Gand’s shoulder. However, he was alright, and so the team pronounced the level secure, and began to head down the stairs to level three.

Scene 5: Securing Level Three

Since Noda had seen no one on this level through the security cameras, the team began a reckless search of the corridors. Two of the three rooms on the level contained supplies for clothing, armour, food and ammunition. The third room, however, was full of crates.

Taking a closer inspection of the boxes, Obi-Juan was shocked to see they were all Jedi Hunter droids. Pointing this out to Noda, the Master was just as surprised to know that the droids came from the pirates he and the Gand had attacked on Ison, but glad that they had tracked the shipment, and that they had the opportunity to destroy the last of the droids.

The Jedi ignited their lightsabers and began destroying the droids, until they found two of the boxes empty. This worried them greatly, but they had already committed themselves to the raid, and so could not turn back. Leaving the room, the three heroes were confronted by the very two droids they had missed.

As with the droids on Ison, these were resilient to their lightsabers, and they were equipped with heat seeking missile launchers. The Jedi dodged the rockets aimed at them, but the Findsman was not so lucky, and took the full brunt of one of the blasts. He was knocked backwards against the wall, and passed out from the pain.

The Jedi doubled their efforts, especially since the explosions would alert the terrorists of their infiltration. Within only a few seconds, the droids were smoking heaps, overwhelmed by the Force the Jedi employed.

Both Noda and Obi-Juan began to help the Gand recover from his injuries, and as soon as he was able to stand, they began strategising on how to proceed into level two. Obi-Juan wanted to know if Noda could search the building through the Force to confirm that Dovan was still inside, since recovering the boy was their primary objective, and arresting the terrorists was secondary.

Calling on the Force, Noda felt the touch of a Force User present on the first floor. “The Force I feel within another Padawan, yet if Dovan it is, much more powerful than I expected, he has become.” Knowing they had to continue down, the Jedi remembered the elevator shaft, and the team determined that the best course of action was to flank the thugs on the level below, and pin them in, so they couldn’t escape.

Noda climbed down the elevator shaft, while Obi-Juan and the Findsman returned to the stairs they had come down on, and the two waited for Noda’s telepathic signal before making their attack.

Scene 6: Securing Level Two

On Noda’s mark, Obi-Juan began to slice through the door into level three. The Gand took cover to prevent being shot by the thugs milling about in the corridor on the other side. When the Jedi had created a hole large enough for him to get through, he took a defensive position, and led the Findsman through. A huge swirling combat began, as the two heroes were swarmed by eight of the terrorists.

Trying to break through the swarm of men, Obi-Juan saw that the hallway seemed to smaller than the others they had travelled on the upper levels. More importantly, there was no sign of his Master. Renewed with the drive to find the other Jedi, Kenobi called on the Force to aid him in the combat, and he and the Gand managed to overcome their foes. Both were severely beaten, but a cry of pain from Noda sounding through the Force prevented the heroes from resting.

Going up to the wall at the end of the hall, Obi-Juan realised it was a barricade put up by the terrorists to counter the plan the Jedi had formulated. He didn’t understand how the thugs knew of their strategy, but all he was thinking about was getting through to the other side.

Hacking at the barricade with his lightsaber, and with assistance from the Findsman, the Jedi burst through the divider, and came face to face with six men, each beating his unconscious Master. Trying and failing to keep the anger out, the heroes jumped into combat and slew the terrorists, before going to the aid of Noda.

When the Jedi Master awoke, half an hour had passed, and Obi-Juan had spent the time healing his Master, using the Force to aid his treatments. However, he had been weakened in the large fight, as had Noda and the Gand. When asked where the Findsman was, Obi-Juan told Noda he was guarding the stairs against any attackers. Noda agreed to rest a while more so the group could gather their strength, but he knew by now that the criminals had either escaped, or had set up a defensive position. Whatever the case may be, they had to tread lightly to avoid matters getting worse then they already were.

Scene 7: Missed Chances

After the group had sufficiently recovered, Noda decided to use the same trick he had earlier in surrounding their foes. That way, they would have to fight on two fronts, and capturing the leaders of the terrorist cell would become much easier.

Taking the elevator shaft again, Noda waited until his Padawan and the Findsman were in place before sending a telepathic message to attack. Obi-Juan and the Gand burst through the doors at the bottom of the stairwell, and found two men facing them from behind fortifications, each armed with blaster rifles. Obi-Juan recognised one of the men as Tony, the window cleaner from the GP, who he realised had been acting as a spy along with Krullis. The other man was Zegmonn Pent.

Splitting their forces, Obi-Juan charged at Tony, while the Gand rushed Pent. Meanwhile Noda appeared on the other side of the large room, and came face to face with Kaeline Ungasan, an opponent that GA-01 had faced on Ando Prime while rescuing Ree. The two Jedi managed to catch a glimpse of Dovan in the centre of the room, trapped within a shielded cage. Beside him, on the outside of the cage was none other than Profex Rynalla.

The two Jedi acted swiftly – too fast for their opponents to follow, and soon Ungasan and Tony lay dead on the floor. However, the Findsman was still weak from the previous fights, and was on the defensive against Pent from the outset. The terrorist drew his vibroblade, and struck out at the Gand, cutting him on the face. The Gand fell over, covering the gash with his hands, shocked that the Force Adept had sliced through his endoskeleton.

Pent continued his assault on the Gand, but backed away when Rynalla called him to her. Staring down the young heroes, the Dark Side Witch used the Force to throw both the Gand and Obi-Juan through the doors which they had used to enter the room. In the meantime, Zegmonn took his chance to kill more Jedi, and Noda caught the brunt of a blaster shot coming from Pent’s rifle.

The old Jedi Master fell to the floor, and could only look on with disappointment as Pent and Profex walked over to Dovan’s chamber and activated a switch, quickly lowering the platform they were standing on below the ground. Getting up, he made an attempt to follow them down, but an adamantinum seal closed over the hole, and not even his lightsaber could cut through the dense metal.

Scene 8: Clean-Up

As Obi-Juan and the Gand ran back into the large chamber they had just been thrown out of, they saw Noda dive towards the closing hole, and knew he would arrive too late. Running up to him, they supported his weight while he tried to stand – he had overexerted himself in his mad dash to save Dovan, and his attempts to slash through the seal.

The Gand pulled out his comlink and summoned the local police force to aid them in a search of the sewer system, hoping that they could still track the criminals. Meanwhile, the Jedi took steps towards healing themselves, and then the Gand. The police arrived several minutes later, and Noda informed them of all that had happened. Reinforcements were called on to search for the escapees, and the police were joined by the Findsman and Jedi.

The manhunt lasted for two hours before the group had to accept that the waste water had effectively covered their quarry’s tracks. Returning to the battle scene, the heroes went to escort Senn Domeet and the sentry to the police station, but were shocked to see that the sentry had escaped. Further thought on the topic made them realise that simple binders would not hold a Force User of that sentry’s power. Nonetheless, they took Domeet to the station.

There was no way to prepare them for what they saw.

All the officers who had remained behind when reinforcements had been called were now dead, and the precinct building had been vandalised. Preparing for a fight, the warriors pulled out their weapons, and began to investigate the interior of the building. Inside the cell block, they found the dead bodies of the pirates, and the Blankuna’s. Reviewing the surveillance holo’s, they knew their mistake when the killer was revealed to be the sentry they had allowed to escape.

Domeet was taken into safe custody, and the heroes were eventually allowed to return to Noda’s sanctuary, where they contemplated all that had happened that day. There were only a handful of Black Flail operatives left alive now – Pent, Rynalla, Domeet, the nameless sentry and Cassen.

Needing rest, they all went to their rooms, knowing that the following day would be spent preparing for Black Flail’s next attack.

Mission 03: The Fallen

Scene 1: Reunion

As Obi-Juan, Noda, and the Gand made their way back to the orphanage from their battle with the Black Flail cultists, they were surprised to see they had a guest.

Rantog was waiting in the reception area. After Rantog and the Gand were introduced, Obi-Juan asked: "Not to make it sound like your visit is unwanted, but what are you doing here?"

"Well, Wade wanted to come back to Coruscant, and I thought I might tag along and catch up with you. I knew that when we left for Leritor, we never said goodbye." Rantog explained.

"Not whole truth, is that, hmmm?" Noda prodded.

"No, Noda. I had a favour I wanted of you or Obi-Juan." the soldier said. "You see, our last mission didn't go to well, and Trenor's been acting a little 'funny' since. He won't share what's troubling him, so I thought it might be a Force-thing."

"Alright. Give us our rest, and tomorrow we will travel with you back to Leritor." Noda replied.

Mission 04: Escape from Rhommamool

Mission 05: A Defining Moment

Scene 1: Surprise Revelation

It was early evening on Coruscant, and Obi-Juan Kenobi had been resting in one of the rooms in Noda's orphanage, not far from his master's own sanctum, when he was distracted by the activation of the door buzzer.

"You can come in Rantog." he called.

Obi-Juan had been developing his Jedi skills for several years, and upon his return from Rhommamool, Noda had awarded with the title of Jedi Knight. His abilities had improved much since he first met Rantog Smith while working with GA-01, and he was able to tell it was his good friend on the other side of the door.

Rantog walked through the door and sat down opposite Obi-Juan. He had stayed with Obi-Juan and Noda since they had discovered Force-potential within him. When they reached Coruscant, and Obi-Juan had received the title of Jedi Knight, he offered to train Rantog, and the soldier had accepted. The Jedi had been surprised at the enthusiasm with which Rantog had responded, and was certain he was about to find out why.

"I'm sure you're wondering why I'm here?" Rantog asked, spreading his arms wide, gesturing that his question wasn't restricted to just the room they were in.

"I was curious, but I had hoped you would tell me in your own time." Obi-Juan smiled back.

"Well, I guess I have a few good reasons for joining the Jedi at this time. I mean it sounds insane, joining the cult that is now the target of the Yuuzhan Vong and the Peace Brigade, but on the other hand, we have both witnessed what happens to Force Sensitives who go without training."

Obi-Juan knew Rantog was referring to their old colleagues, Devon, Richard and Wade. The first two had succumbed to the Dark Side and paid for it with their lives. The last of them - Wade Trenor - had allied himself with the ancient enemy of the Jedi - the Sith - and was still out there, roaming the galaxy. The Jedi didn't let his mind linger on that thought.

"But that's not the only reason. I have a more personal motivation. I want to know my brother better." Rantog grinned.

Scene 2: Another Day, Another Job

Jed Mason, a technician and proud of it, was sitting in his quarters pondering the events of his time on Rhommamool, when he heard a knock on the door. It was K-9, one of Wahud the Hutt's messenger droids. "His bloatedness wants to see you right away." squealed the droid. Jed sighed - he should never have accepted the Wahud's 'offer' of a room - and quickly readied himself. "Let's go." said Jed, already half out the door ahead of the droid, knowing that to leave a Hutt waiting was as good as signing a death warrant.

In short time, K-9, followed closely by Jed, entered Wahud's throne room. Jed noticed a distinct lack of people on his way to, and inside, the throne room. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion had scared many people, and with the Yuuzhan Vong making moves closer to Nar Shaddaa, it was clear that many thought that company with Hutts would not mean safety - a few Hutts had even fled themselves.

"Ah! Jed my boy! It is good to see you," said Wahud.

"It is an honour, oh mighty one!" said Jed, offering a bow to enhance the effect.

"Jed. I require passage off this planet. My ship was stolen when the guards fled their posts at the news of the Yuuzhan Vong's approach. I want you to find me other means of transportation," professed Wahud.

Jed, without even a moments hesitation, replied "As you wish, oh mighty one."

Before letting him leave, Wahud added "I should not have to remind you that speed is of the essence. Now go!" at which Jed walked hurriedly out the door.

Great!, thought Jed to himself as he made his way back to his quarters as quick as he could. Why cant that fat slimy slug just leave me alone? Oh well. Guess I'll just have to make sure I leave with him. This planet is becoming way too unsafe. Jed opened the door to his quarters, still thinking, and was surprised to see a figure standing in his room. The figure was a human male, with a large stature, who had two blaster carbines strapped to each leg, along with a blaster rifle which he was brandishing in his arms. He had a vibroblade slung across his back. He also wore armour that covered most of his body. It was obvious to Jed that figure could only be one thing - a bounty hunter.

"Who are you?" Jed exclaimed in a shocked tone.

"My name is Varin. I have been sent by Wahud to assist you in finding transportation for the Mighty One," explained the bounty hunter. Jed didn't need to think much about the form of 'assistance' that Varin was going to provide or how Varin got to his quarters before he did - the Hutt was going to have the last say in everything it seemed.

"Let me just gather some gear, and then we can be on our way," said Jed trying to keep his voice as calm and cool as possible. Jed picked up most of his gear, knowing full well that the chances of him coming back to his quarters were slim, and headed out the door - with Varin and his blaster rifle following close behind.

Scene 3: A Time for Answers

Obi-Juan was confused at first, but was even more startled when he realised what Rantog was implying. "Rantog, I only have one brother, and that is Beckett."

"I thought Jedi were able to perceive those types of things?" sighed Rantog. "I hoped it wouldn't have had to come to this, but..." Rantog said, getting up and walking to the door. When he opened it, Obi-Juan was shocked to see his parents, Reno and Thona, and his brother, Beckett.

He began to stutter "How did you... When did you... What's going on?" the last question showed his distress.

Thona walked forward and gave Obi-Juan a hug. "There is much you don't know about yourself." she said. "You know much about our family history, but there is one thing that is not the total truth." she sat down near her son, and waited for him to nod before she continued. "You see, about seventeen years ago, Agamar farmers had been plagued by attacks from by a group of pirates and bandits."

At this point, Reno moved forward and continued the story. "The men gathered together and planned to take the fight to the bandits, hoping that they could protect their families and their livestock. It took a long time to find their camp, but when we did, we waited for dawn and then charged them.

"The farmers out-numbered the pirates, and though they had better weaponry, we slaughtered them..." Reno's eyes seemed distant for a moment, but then he regained focus and returned to telling his tale. "After the battle, the group began to loot the camp, hoping they could find whatever had been stolen from them. When I went in search of my own equipment, I found a small baby amid a pile of treasure I knew could not have come from the farmers.

"I began to ask if any of the other men was the father of the child, but none of them admitted to it. I knew this to be truth, as I had not heard of any newborns within the region for over two years.

"So, taking pity on the child, I took him into my own home and began raising him, hoping that his true parents would come to claim him. But they did not, and so he became part of our family."

Obi-Juan was near tears at the story he had been told. "I was orphaned? Abandoned?" he asked, his voice catching his throat.

"NO." came the stern reply from Rantog. "Your parents were, uh... actively trying to stop the pirates themselves. You were kidnapped when the pirates raided a transport they were travelling on. Your parents searched for you for several weeks, but the pirates could have gone anywhere, and so the trail went cold, and they gave up hope of seeing you again. I mean, you were taken as part of a vendetta against your parents. Who were they to know if you were still alive or dead?"

Obi-Juan was silent for a while afterwards, and it was Beckett who spoke up. "We met Rantog about six years after you had left with the Jedi. He came to Agamar in search of his brother. When we heard of his endeavour, we contacted him, and questioned him about you."

Rantog was sitting silently again, but looked up to meet the eyes of Obi-Juan. "The answers he gave us matched with those that we knew, including the date that we found you, and the region the pirates were thought to have originally come from." continued Beckett.

This time, Rantog spoke up "My father - our father - had given up hope of seeing you again, so much to the point that we began arguing over it. I knew you were still alive, but he would not search anymore. Don't take it personally. His life has been difficult, and the loss of a son hit him hard.

"Anyway, I left home and picked up the search where Dad had left off. It was sheer luck that I found any clues, but there was a guy in Pesktda on Garqi who the pirates had really pissed off. He told me the last he heard they'd been wiped out on Agamar. I went there straight away, and my luck held out. I met the Kenobi's, and they told me you were now a Jedi. Thinking about it, I realised I had very little chance of contacting you, let alone finding you. At least I knew you were alive and well."

Scene 4: Irritable Ikrim

Jed decided that their best hope of finding a pilot willing to take a Hutt as a passenger could be found in the cantina - The Scruffy Wookie. The two unlikely allies walked into the cantina, seeing smoky air and dimly lit glowrods at each table. Jed noticed a Trandoshan who looked something like a pilot sitting in the back corner of the cantina, and asked Varin if he knew the Trandoshan. Varin looked carefully at the Trandoshan and replied "Thats Ikrim. He's a decent pilot, but he is also quite ruthless. His loyalty lies with himself - and whoever pays him the most." Jed walked up and sat down at the table Ikrim was sitting at. Casting a glare at Jed, Ikrim growled "What do you want?"

"I couldn't help but notice that you look like an experienced pilot," stuttered Jed. "I require your services." Ikrim gave Jed the once-over, and glanced briefly at Varin standing just behind Jed's left shoulder.

"Well it depends on two things: cargo and credits. What's the cargo?"

"Just three passengers - Varin, myself and one other. You will be paid handsomely," explained Jed.

"Who is this other you speak of?" inquired Ikrim.

"Just my boss," said Jed. "I assure you he will cover all of your costs, and more."

Ikrim thought for a moment, and Jed thought he had managed to secure the pilot without the need to mention the fact his boss was a Hutt, when Ikrim angrily stated to Jed "If I were you, I would stop flinging Bantha crap at me, and start speaking the truth." Varin immediately readied himself to fire on Ikrim if the situation called for it. Ikrim noticed Varin's change, and calmed down, and said "Tell me who your boss is, and there won't be any trouble."

Jed glanced at Varin, who gave Jed a slight nod, and then explained to Ikrim that his boss was Wahud the Hutt. "Are you crazy?!" exclaimed Ikrim. "You want me to cart a Hutt half way across the galaxy? He'll stink up my ship like nothing else."

"That may be so," said Jed. "But at least you can be guaranteed to be fully paid." Ikrim thought about this for a while. While Ikrim was thinking, Jed decided to help Ikrim make a choice by buying him lum, which Ikrim eagerly accepted.

The Transdoshan sipped his lum, then downed the rest of it, stood up and said "You have a deal. Come with me." Ikrim started to walk towards the door of the cantina, and when he noticed that Jed and Varin were just standing at the table, yelled "Are you coming or what?" Jed glanced at Varin, who looked back at Jed and said "My blaster rifle and I say you go first." Jed knew better than to argue, and started for the door, with Varin following close behind.

Ikrim led Jed and Varin on a very roundabout path, and it seemed to Jed that their guide was taking every effort to make sure that both he and Varin could not find their way to Ikrim's docking bay without Ikrim leading them there himself.

Jed did notice, though, that they were not heading towards the spaceport. This both pleased and worried Jed. It was a good thing Ikrim's ship was not in the spaceport - it would lower the chances of it being damaged, as well as allow them to take off without worrying about any Yuuzhan Vong. However, Jed was worried that it could be a trap, or worse. At any rate, they had finally arrived at a warehouse.

Scene 5: The Tale Continues

Rantog continued his tale; "After that I left Agamar, I picked up a few odd jobs. I wasn't ready to return home, and I didn't have any plans for my life. It just so happened that I was on Kuat when the invaders entered the galaxy. I hooked up with the military, and you know most of the story from there. Me and Wade were assigned to Coruscant and we saved Califf with Corran Horn.

"Remembering you were with the Jedi, I asked Horn if he knew you, and he did. When GA-01 was being put together, it was him who convinced Skywalker to assign you to the GP."

By this stage, Rantog was smiling, and even Obi-Juan had a small grin on his face, but it was soon masked behind a show of frustration.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me in the first place!" he yelled, getting up. Rantog fell over backwards, and he could see the Kenobi's escaping through the door. "And how did you manage to find my parents? Foster parents?"

"Woah! One question at a time!" Rantog said in a calming voice, and motioning for his brother to sit down. "First off, I didn't want to throw you for a loop. You were just a kid back then, and though you're still young, you've done a lot of growing up since. Secondly, it was Noda who found the Kenobi's for me. It was made a lot easier since they were evacuated here from Agamar."

Obi-Juan stayed silent after this, and Rantog decided that he should give his brother some time alone. But first, he pulled two vials out from his vest. On close inspection, Obi-Juan could see that they were filled with blood. "There's the scientific evidence if you need it." Rantog said, passing the vials to his brother.

Outside the room, he was met by three curious and worried faces. "He's OK." he told the Kenobi's. "He's dealing with it better then most would. I think he just needs some time to himself."

Changing the topic, he asked, "So, do you have a place to stay? 'Cause if you don't, I know the perfect place..."

Scene 6: Objective Complete

Walking up to the door Ikrim was standing in front of, Jed noticed that the door required a pass code to be entered in order for the door to open. "No peaking," said Ikrim, as he started punching the numbers to open up the door. Jed attempted to glimpse the keypad as Ikrim was doing this, but Ikrim noticed, and growled at Jed who quickly turned his eyes away. Careful Jed! You don't want to blow this! he thought to himself. When the door opened up, Ikrim turned to Jed and Varin, and pointed inside "Have a look at her. I am sure she'll suit your purpose just fine."

Jed and Varin stepped inside and eyed the ship - a beautiful YT-2000. Jed also noticed the roof of the warehouse was, in fact, retractable, allowing this landing pad to be completely sealed when hiding was necessary. "OK," said Ikrim. "I think you have seen enough."

He ushered Jed and Varin out the door and shut it. He then turned to Jed. "I have the directions right here," said Ikrim as he held out a flimsy to Jed. "First though,I’ll need monetary restitution for it."

Jed groaned. "Will 1,000 credits suffice?" queried Jed.

"You have a deal," smiled Ikrim, and handed over the flimsy, and pocketed the 1,000 credits without counting it. "I will meet you back here in two hours," explained Ikrim. "Don't be late."

Jed and Varin made their way back to Wahud's palace as fast as they could. Walking with the pose of a servant, although Varin walked a great deal straighter than Jed, both men approached Wahud whose pose consisted of lying back on his podium. "I have managed to secure transportation, Oh Great One," said Jed. "A pilot by the name of Ikrim has agreed to take us where we need to go. We are to meet him in two hours at a warehouse for which he has provided us with directions."

"You have done well," said Wahud, in a tone that suggested praise. "I will pay you half now," explained the Hutt, handing over 1,500 credits to Jed. "You will receive the other 1,500 once we are successfully off this planet."

"Thankyou, Oh Great One," said Jed graciously. Wahud then slid onto his hover sled, told Jed and Varin to wait for him, and sped away to gather his things. When Wahud came back, he immediately blasted K-9 to bits with his blaster pistol. "No need to leave any knowledge of this behind for anyone," boasted Wahud, exuding much pride at what he just done. "Let's go."

Jed was worried about the safety of both himself and Wahud, but decided to trust the Hutt's judgement in leaving by themselves without an escort. Hopefully, if anything went wrong, Varin would demonstrate the reason Wahud thought so highly of him.

Shortly after leaving the palace, the three of them arrived at the warehouse on time, only to find no trace of Ikrim. After waiting impatiently for five minutes, Wahud became impatient. "Open up that door now, Jed," commanded the Hutt. Mason immediately set up his computer and attached it to the keypad, and managed to successfully crack to code, opening the door. "Just what do you think you are doing?" sounded a voice which surprised Jed, but not Wahud or Varin, as they had both heard their visitor approach. Jed turned around and saw Ikrim, with five tough looking humans behind him, all brandishing blaster rifles pointed at the three of them.

Scene 7: Escaping From Invaders Never Runs Smoothly

"What do you think you are doing?" growled Wahud. "Do you know who I am?"

"I am well aware of who you are, Hutt slime," said Ikrim. "I am also aware of the rewards that are being offered by other parties for species such as you."

Jed could not believe it. They had been played. Ikrim had the upper hand, and the only parties he could be talking about would be the Peace Brigade or the Yuuzhan Vong, although they were one and the same to Jed. Perhaps the Black Flail had something to do with it as well.

Out of nowhere, the Hutt let out a deep and loud laugh, "You obviously do not know Hutts very well," claimed Wahud, who pressed a small device he held in his hand. All of a sudden, fifteen men surrounded Ikrim and his thugs, and Jed galantly decided to place himself in front of Wahud. Wahud slapped Jed aside. "What do you think you are doing?" growled Wahud. "Get in there and get that ship ready to take off." Jed ran into the room, followed closely by Varin, with the sounds of blaster fire echoing in the distance.

"Open that roof first techie," said Varin.

"There are, more than likely, controls for the roof in the onboard computer in the ship," explained Jed as he set up his computer next to the ship's door security panel. In no time at all, Jed had the ship's boarding ramp lowered, and Varin and Jed ran in, with Varin immediately beginning the start up procedure with amazing swiftness, and Jed setting himself up next to the ship's onboard computer.

After taking only slightly longer than he thought it would, which angered Jed slightly, he managed to find the controls for the warehouse roof, and entered the command to open the roof. As the warehouse roof started to open, Jed decided it best if he switched to operating the sensors, and sat himself down at the sensor console. Neither Jed nor Varin had heard Wahud slither up behind them. "Let's go," said Wahud, startling Jed and Varin. "The roof's open. Take us out of here Varin." Varin lifted the YT-2000 transport with ease, and three of them were off, leaving their past lives to perish with Nar Shaddaa.

Scene 8: Extended Family

Early the next morning, Obi-Juan went to speak to Rantog. Unfortunately, Rantog was not all that interested in talking so early in the morning, so the Jedi Knight waited outside his brother’s bedroom until Rantog awoke.

When Rantog came out of the refresher, the questions began. “So what else is there for you to tell me?” he was asked.

Rantog took a deep breath. “It’s a long story... I’ll tell it to you over breakfast.” he replied.

The two brothers walked into the dining room of the orphanage, so Rantog could get a start on breakfast. Obi-Juan had already eaten, so he sat and watched his brother. The children were in class, and the two were able to hold their conversation in private.

“To begin with, Smith is an assumed name.” Rantog said after taking a sip of his juri juice. “There were two reasons for this. The first is that when I went to join the military on Kuat, I was too young to enlist, so I needed false documents to get through."

"And the second?" Obi-Juan prompted.

"Well, remember how I told you they were trying to end the pirate threat? Well, not all of it was sanctioned by the Republic."

"By 'not all', you mean 'none', don't you?" Obi-Juan sighed, covering his face with his hands.

Rantog looked a little bashful, but continued, "Anyway, they're both wanted for questioning by the Republic, and I needed to keep my identity secret to avoid any hassles from the authorities.”

"So what is your real name?"

Rantog chuckled for a moment, but continued, “I used Rantog Smith to cover for Rantog McBolt, which is the name my family assumed after the Emperor came to power. You see, we come from a high-profile family, and we needed to remain anonymous, or else the Imperials would have come down on us - hard.”

Obi-Juan sighed again. “So what was McBolt a cover for?”

At this, Rantog leaned back with a smug look on his face. “We’re part of the Ja’ctaren family.”

Obi-Juan seemed a little confused. “I think I’ve heard of that name before, but I can’t place it. So, who are they?”

“You’ll love this!” Rantog smiled. “The Ja’ctaren’s are the royal family on Verloc, which is a system in the Outer Rim, near Ryloth.”

“Are you serious!? So we’re eligible for the throne?”

“Nah, not us. Our uncle was the oldest child of his generation, and it’ll be his children that take the throne. Our only chance is if he doesn’t have kids, which may happen, now that I think about it…”

“Wizard.” grinned Obi-Juan, but he quickly turned back to the topic, as he had been trained. “Is your real name Rantog then? What about my name?”

“Oh, uh... my name is Raneth, and yours is Ty’lor.”

The Jedi Knight thought about it for a moment. “Ty’lor… has a nice ring to it.”

It was obvious to Rantog that Obi-Juan was becoming excited with all that he was saying. Things started going too fast for him though, when Obi-Juan asked about meeting their parents.

“Obi-Juan - ”

“Ty’lor.” he was corrected.

“OK, Ty’lor. You’ve got to slow down. I don’t know where our parents are right now and it’s difficult to contact them. Give it time, and I’m sure we can find them.”

“So, what are their names then, Raneth?” he asked.

“Our father is Nathan, and our mother is Nora. Her maiden name was Dron.”

Ty’lor looked like he was going to ask another question, but Noda walked into the room, spoiling the moment. “Brought some good news, I see Rantog. What is this news that makes Obi-Juan so happy?”

Raneth stayed quiet and finished his meal, leaving Ty’lor to explain all of his recent discoveries to Noda. At the end, Noda pondered the news. “Keep this to myself, I will. No need to fear for your family, Raneth. But what of the Kenobis, Ty’lor?”

“Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about them!” groaned Ty’lor.

“Understandable, this is. But a clear perspective, you should have.” was Noda’s advice.

Raneth stood up and threw the garbage from his meal into the bin. “C’mon bro,” he exclaimed “I’ll take you to see them. They’ve got some news too…”

Ty’lor smiled. Two families are better than one.

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