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The Liberators ...

Mission 01: Brutal Lessons

Mission 02: Passing Away

Mission 03: Dervish Delights

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Mission 04: Anaxes Masquerade

Mission 05: Hammer into Anvil

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Mission 06: Murder, Imported

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Mission 07: Return Trip

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Mission 08: The Verlocian Close

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Mission 09: Exploration

Mission 10: Lying in Wait

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Mission 11: Jedi Bounty

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Mission 12: An Investigative Turn

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Mission 13: Edge of Victory: Divide

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Mission 14: Edge of Victory: Dissect

Scene 1: Battle for the Library

As Jarison, Zdenka, Quellom and Kardeffca reached the steps leading out of the Library, they were witness to four Yoric-Vecs landing twenty-something Yuuzhan Vong warriors not far from their position. Several small craters pock marked the stairs to the Library entranceway, which may have explained Arenen’s absence. The four heroes drew their favoured weapons and gave one another encouraging looks as the warriors noticed them.

Within moments a flurry of thud bugs and razor bugs had been launched in their direction, but Quellom and Jarison were able to dodge out of the way, and Zdenka cut out of the air those that approached her and Kardeffca.

Jarison and Quellom returned a torrent of blaster fire at their opponents, but were unsuccessful at stopping the alien invaders from beginning an all-out charge. Zdenka and Kardeffca were quickly surrounded by six of the warriors, and stood back to back in preparation for the blows. Their defence was sound, however, and the Vong landed no blows in their assault. Meanwhile, Jarison had prepared a frag grenade, and as soon as the warriors were within his range, he tossed it into their midst, while Quellom took pot shots at the group approaching her.

The grenade didn’t seem to do much damage to the Vong due to their armour, but their charge was faltered, and the aliens showed signs of fatigue as they got to their feet. Zdenka’s lightsaber sliced into two of the warriors who attempted to flank her, while Kardeffca bore the full weight of his vibroaxe down on the warrior to his right, cleaving his arm off.

This didn’t deter the other warriors from continuing their assault, and some managed to inflict a few small wounds to Kardeffca before he and Zdenka were able to eradicate them. On the edge of their perception, the heroes could also hear the sound of laser turrets and yaret-kors firing, and several small explosions.

After Jarison and Quellom had inflicted minimal damage to the Vong nearing them, the warriors decided to make use of their blorash jelly. Quellom was pinned in place, but Jarison was deftly able to dodge the alien substance, and fell back inside the Library, seeking cover in the doorway. Quellom was charged by mob and suffered terrible blows to her body. In a panic, she dropped a frag grenade at her feet, hoping to leap away. However, her wound, combined with the jelly on her legs, made this an impossible task, and she along with the six Yuuzhan Vong attacking her were blown to pieces.

Temporarily free from enemies, Zdenka caught a glance from Jarison, with him mimicking a closing door. Tapping Kardeffca’s shoulder, and indicating that they move back inside the Library, the two heroes fell back to the doorway across from Jarison. While the Ubese lay down covering fire, the Jedi concentrated, and used the Force to close the door she had just passed.

Instantly a bottleneck was formed for the Yuuzhan Vong warriors trying to get into the Jedi Library. Jarison quickly drew the bladed weapon the Rostanans had granted him, and prepared for the rush of aliens coming at him.

Jarison showed his true skill with the blade, as he was able to parry the attacks of the Vong warriors while utterly surrounded. Kardeffca and Zdenka moved to his aid but were halted in the advance as Corsair and Serth made their appearance. Corsair utilised his flame thrower, and after only a few seconds, most of the Vong were writhing in agony, trying to put out the flames that covered them.

Making use of the alien warriors’ distraction, Cutter and Jarison were able to finish off the rest of their foes while Zdenka mercy killed those still alive after being burned.

Scene 2: Strategy

With the fight over, and no enemies to be seen, the group approached the Scarlet Nova, unsure of who was at the helm. When the bay doors opened, they were welcomed onboard by Arenen.

The duty of retrieving Quelloms body fell to Jarison and Corsair, while Zdenka began healing some on Arenen’s more severe cuts and bruises. She was glad Arenen was safe after nearly taking a yaret-kor blast head on, and being thrown into the midst of a recently-landed squad of Vong warriors.

When all were once again onboard, Arenen tersely led them to the cockpit where he introduced Zdenka to their new droid R7-XX. Arenen praised its ability in keeping the ship together, and for destroying two of the Yuuzhan Vong assault cruisers that had delivered the warriors to the Library.

“However,” he continued, “the ship is in extreme need of repairs. We need to get to a repair port soon. Additionally, we’re now in a race to get to the Core. Someone has stolen the master copy of all our profiles and mission reports.” He paused to let this information sink in.

“This is @#$^*!” opined Jarison.

“It isn’t good, I'll agree, but the fact I’m still alive means whoever did this doesn't want us dead, plus whoever it was defended this ship too. They’ll likely make their presence known to us again in the near future. As for our main investigation – it’ll end now if we don’t hurry back to Coruscant. There’s a final piece to this puzzle that needs exploring, and I don’t want him to dying before I can ask him for what I need.”

“You’re taking about a person being murdered, aren’t you? You haven’t even given thought to Quellom’s death, have you? They aren't just meatbags!” accused Zdenka.

“Quellom’s death has come at a monumentally bad time, and I don’t mean to sound heartless, but whoever it is that we’re investigating may soon know how close we may be to finding him.”

“He’s already sent assassins after us.” Jarison agreed, “Do you think life will get any easier for us in the near future I he learns we’re only a single step behind him?!”

“Now, has anyone a got suggestion for where we can discretely set down for repairs?” Arenen demanded.

There was a long moment of silence before Zdenka raised her hand and spoke up; “There is someplace that will suffice for our needs - the planet Gamoucant in the Stennes Node. It’s controlled by one of the Hutt clans. They won’t be friendly, but at least they’re not Vong or with the Peace Brigade. I’ve been there once before with Van, and I can remember my way around the spaceport there.”

“It’s decided then.” Arenen smiled. “XX, plot a course for Gamoucant.” Then turning to Cutter, “Those thieves might have taken the master copies of our reports, but they left this behind,” Arenen said as he flashed a datacard before everyone's eyes and handed it to the techie. “I want you to decrypt it if required, and help me analyse the information on it while we’re in transit.”

Mission 15: Edge of Victory: Discord

Next Story: Accepting Implants

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