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The Saga of Seven Suns is a series of science fiction novels written by Kevin J. Anderson. As of July 2006, it is an open-ended series, currently with seven books planned, with the sixth to be published next year. The series is set in a space opera scenario, a distant future in which humanity has spread out among the stars, colonizing a number of planets in the Milky Way galaxy.

Book Synopsis

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The human race is no longer confined to simply their home planet of Earth, and have spread out among the galaxy. Originally this was done using vast "Generation" spacecrafts which took generations (as their name implies) to reach their destination. However, after the Generation ships were 'rescued' by the Ildirans, all spaceships quickly adapted to their far superior ekti-driven stardrives. There are three main factions among the humans.

Elemental races


Faeros are firey entities that dwell within suns, and are seemingly unaffected by the hazardous temperatures. They are considered to be treacherous by the Verdani. They once fought with the Verdani and Wentals against the Hydrogues, but then shifted alliances (for reasons relating to the Klikiss robots). In the ongoing war, they appear to have shifted alliances again, attacking the Hydrogues while sparing the other races. The "fire" aspect of the 4 super-powers.

It is suggested in Scattered Suns that the faeros may be the "lightsource" from which the Ildiran thism is derived. This is expanded in Of Fire and Night, in which the pretender to the Imperial Throne, Rusa'h, appears to be linked with the faeros, possibly in a similar manner to Jess Tamblynn and the wentals, or Beneto and the verdani.


Also referred to as the "World Forest", this race manifests itself as a telepathic network of trees that some humans (the Green Priests) can communicate with. Once the Verdani were present on thousands of worlds across the galaxy, but the conflict with the Hydrogues forced them to near-extinction. Losing the war has seemingly caused the Verdani to lose much of their combat resolve, as the mere thought of engaging a Hydrogue terrifies them.

Currently the largest concentration of Verdani reside on the planet Theroc, although they have started to be spread around the galaxy again with the aid of humans. They demonstrate the ability to absorb information like a sponge and store it eternally for later use by either themselves or other beings. This makes their thirst for new knowledge, whatever it may be, practically insatiable. Green priests are able to use Verdani as instant communication devices, sending any message across vast distances almost immediately. Although the Verdani are made up of many trees, they manifest themselves as one being. The "earth" aspect of the 4 super-powers. Green priests have the ability to become part of the world-forest's mind upon their death, if they have time and ability to pour their souls into a tree as they die. The verdani are then capable of building a golem from one of these "ghosts", as they did with Beneto.

With the addition of wental water, the verdani are capable of producing "treeships", vast trees capable of interstellar flight, and able to destroy hydrogue warglobes with apparent ease. Each treeship requires a green priest joined in a permanent symbiosis to act as a pilot / navigator; such ships had been produced for the last war, ten millenia ago, piloted by a now-forgotten race of bird-like humanoids. These ships were sent into deep space, and retured to Theroc at the end of Scattered Suns. An additional hundred were built during Of Fire and Night.


A water-based race who were considered extinct after the war with the Faeros/Hydrogues, but in fact were broken up and dispersed throughout the interstellar void; Whilst Wentals are unable to die, they can be "disassociated" into their more basic components, nullifying their sentience and thus putting them in a form of suspended animation. Like the Verdani, they have some kind of telepathic link and speak as one.

However, Jess Tamblyn accidentally collects Wental essence while gathering water during a solitary deep-space mission. Because of this, the Wentals are effectively brought back to life. They establish a telepathic link with him, telling him about the intergalactic war that took place millennia ago. Jess took the Wentals to an uninhabited oceanic planet and introduced the Wentals into the raging sea, initializing the first phase of the race's rebirth. They have the ability to take control of any water-based body (e.g. planets, comets) and control it, regardless of the state of the water. They can then manipulate the climate and lifeforms of the planet, and this is how they reproduce. The "water" aspect of the 4 super-powers.

Other races

Shana Rei

An ancient, demonic race who lived in dark nebulae, and were defeated by the Ildiran Empire eons ago. They are said to be the primary reason why Ildirans are afraid of the dark. In the fourth book of the series (Scattered Suns) some characters are told that the Shana Rei have never existed, and their war with the Ildirans was a fabricated part of the Saga - as part of a conspiracy by the Mage Imperator. In the fifth book of the series (Of Fire And Night) however, it is suggested that they might be real after all.

Bird-Like Humanoids

A forgotten race, not in any records, hidden in the mind of the worldtree, who once played the part of the first green priests ages ago in the first war before humanity had stated creating cities on Earth, all that remains of it is wisps of its lifeforms piloting the orginal verdani battleships.



Aguerra, Esteban

Esteban Aguerra was the father of Raymond Aguerra. He fled to Ramah and changed his name after an arguement with his wife. He was killed on the order of Basil Wenceslas to leave no loose ends from Raymond Aguerra's life.

Aguerra, Raymond

Raymond Aguerra was the birth name of King Peter.

Aguerra, Rita

Rita Aguerra was the mother of Raymond Aguerra and was killed in an apartment fire engineered on the orders of Basil Wenceslas.

Brindle, Robb

Robb Brindle was the son of two EDF veterans and enlisted in the Earth Defence Forces at the start of the war against the hydrogues. Robb earned the command of a squadron of remoras in the EDF's Grid 9 fleet and served at Jupiter, Yreka and Boone's Crossing. Robb managed to trace the hydrogues that attacked the colony at Boone's Crossing back to Osquivel.

Robb Brindle volunteered to act as a diplomat for the Terran Hanseatic League at Osquivel and was presumed dead by the EDF when his transmissions cut off and the hydrogues attacked the EDF fleet. However, Roob was in fact one of a score of human prisoners the hydrogues had taken and he was secured with others in one of the hydrogue cityspheres.

Cain, Eldred

Eldred Cain was the heir-apparent and deputy of the Chairman of the Terran Hanseatic League, Basil Wenceslas.

Clarin, Eldon

Eldon Clarin was an engineer and was aboard Berndt Okiah's skymine at Erphano when it was destroyed by the hydrogues.

Clarin, Roberto

Roberto Clarin was the manager of Hurricane Depot at the time of its seizure and destruction by the EDF.

Colicos, Anton

Anton Colicos was the son of Louis and Margaret Colicos, and was the first human from the Terran Hanseatic League to be allowed to study the Ildiran epic the 'saga of the seven suns'.

Colicos, Louis

Louis Colicos was a xenoachaeologist, husband of Margaret Colicos and father of Anton Colicos. He was killed by Klikiss robots on Rheindic Co.

Colicos, Margaret

Margaret Colicos was a xenoarchaeologist, wife of Louis Colicos and mother of Anton Colicos.

Covitz, Jan

Jan Covitz was a colonist that settled on Corribus after leaving Dremen. He was killed in the attack on the human settlement by the Klikiss robots.

Covitz, Orli

Orli Covitz was the daughter of Jan Covitz and was one of two survivors of the Klikiss robot attack on the settlement on Corribus, after moving to the planet from Dremen.

Kellum, Del

Del Kellum was the owner of the Roamer shipyards located in the rings of Osquivel.

Kellum, Zhett

Zhett Kellum was the daughter of Del Kellum.

Kett, Rlinda

Rlinda Kett was a trader and was once the head of a group of trader ships but this was reduced to only the Voracious Curiousity when the rest of her ships were commandeered by the EDF.

Khali, Nira

Nira Khali was a green priest from Theroc and one of two green priests that travelled to Ildira to study the saga of the seven suns. While on Ildira, Nira fell in love with the Prime Designate Jora'h but also captured the interest of his brother Udru'h who wanted her for the experiments on Dobro. Consequently Nira was kidnapped and her green priest companion on Ildira, Otema, was killed.

Nira Khali was the mother of four children - Rod'h, Gale'nh,Tamo'l and Muree'n - as a result of the breeding program on Dobro in addition to Osira'h, her daughter fathered by Jora'h. After Jora'h's ascension to Mage-Imperator and conviction to find and free Nira, the green priest was moved by Udru'h out of the breeder camps and to an island on the other side of the planet. However, shortly before this happened Nira managed to get in contact with her daughter and relate the truth of the experiments of Dobro.

Lanyan, Kurt

General Kurt Lanyan was the commander of the Earth Defence Forces.

Lotze, Davlin

Davlin Lotze was an exosociologist employed by the Terran Hanseatic League and was assigned to the former Ildiran world of Crenna to investigate the species. Later Davlin was reassigned to investigate the disappearance of the xenoarchaeologists, Louis and Margaret Colicos, which resulted in his rediscovery of the Klikiss transportal network. After serving as a transportal explorer for some time Davlin Lotze took a break and went back to Crenna. However this sabbatical coincided with the hydrogue attack on Crenna sun and Davlin Lotze volunteer to travel to the nearby world of Relleker on the planet's only ship. He succeeded in rescuing the citizens of Crenna after the death of the system's sun with the help of Rlinda Kett and Branson Roberts.

Okiah, Berndt

Berndt Okiah was the grandson of Jhy Okiah and a Roamer skyminer who managed facilities at Glyx and then Erphano, where he died in a hydrogue attack.

Okiah, Kotto

Kotto Okiah was the grandson of Jhy Okiah and a Roamer engineer who managed to set up colonies in the extreme environments of Isperos and Jonah 12. In addition to this Kotto engineered several improvements for Roamer skymines, aided the Therons after the hydrogue attack on Theroc and designed an effective weapon against the hydrogues.

Okiah, Jhy

Jhy Okiah was a former speaker of the Roamer clans.


Otema was a green priest and former ambassador to Earth, being succeeded in that role by Sarein. She was chosen for the assignment of travelling to Ildira to study the saga of the seven suns and died their during the kidnapping of her assistant Nira Khali.

Peroni, Cesca

Peroni, Denn

Roberts, Branson

Stromo, Lev

Tamblyn, Bram

Bram Tamblyn was the eldest of five Tamblyn brothers and was the head of the Tamblyn clan and of the water mines of Plumas. He had three children - Ross, Jess and Tasia - and was made a widower after his wife Karla died. Due to his and Ross Tamblyn's similarly stubborn attitudes Bram disowned his eldest son but was deeply hurt when the hydrogues attacked Blue Sky Mine and killed Ross. Bram died on Plumas soon after Ross's own death.

Tamblyn, Jess

Jess Tamblyn was the second son of Bram Tamblyn and Karla Baker and was made the heir to the Plumas water mine after his elder brother Ross Tamblyn was disowned. Although Jess remained on good relations with Ross there was some friction as Jess was in love with Ross's fiance, Cesca Peroni, though Ross was ignorant of the fact. Jess's old compy EA that had been passed down from Ross was gifted to Tasia, whom Jess had taught to pilot a few types of Roamer craft and they sometimes went out looking for the lost generation ship Burton.

After Ross was killed by the hydrogues Jess engineered at counterstrike at Golgen by launching mountains of rock from the gas giant's rings into the atmosphere of the planet. Jess served as pilot when Kotto Okiah first travelled to Isperos and also as a spotter at the blitzkreig ekti raid on Welyr five years after Shareen Pasternak's skymine was destroyed there.

Although continuing on his relationship with Cesca Peroni and planning to announce their engagement almost six years after Ross's death, Jess departed as a volunteer in a nebula skimmer venture to avoid a pained break up with Cesca when it became clear that a marriage to Reynald Theron would be advantageous.

While partaking in the nebula skimming venture Jess also collected water particles in his small craft, which gradually reassociated into the ancient water-entity of a Wental. Departing from his task of scouring for ekti Jess travelled to a couple of unknown worlds to aid with the rejuvenation of the Wentals, however he encountered a hydrogue warglobe at the second planet and had to swallow Wental water to keep it hidden from the hydrogues.

Although crashing on the unnamed planet Jess managed to survive due to the state of his new Wental infused body. Using the new powers he received from the Wentals Jess managed to leave the planet on a specially constructed ship and after his escape Jess travelled to Rendezvous to enlist the help of the Roamers to spread the Wentals.

Tamblyn, Ross

Ross Tamblyn was the son of Bram Tamblyn and Karla Baker but was disowned by his father after a heated arguement, Bram Tamblyn agreeing to give his eldest son his inheritance early which Ross invested in the Blue Sky Mine. Although Bram Tamblyn refused to speak with Ross, his brother - Jess Tamblyn - was a frequent visitor to the Blue Sky Mine at Golgen and often brought presents from himself and their sister Tasia. Ross was betrothed to Francesca Peroni who had agreed to marry the black sheep of the Tamblyn family if he managed to make a profit on his skymine within five years. During the betrothal Ross made a present of a black skypearl necklace for Cesca Peroni. Ross Tamblyn died before he managed to make a profit from Blue Sky Mine when the skymine was attack by hydrogues.

Tamblyn, Tasia

Tasia Tamblyn was the youngest child of Bram and Karla Tamblyn and resolved to join the Earth Defence Forces after the death of her oldest brother Ross Tamblyn. Tasia achieved great scores in training and was made the commander of a weapons platform. Tasia served as Platcom at Jupiter and Yreka but was promoted to command a Manta Cruiser before the hydrogue attack on Boone's Crossing. Tasia's service was so good that she was selected to deliver a Klikiss Torch to Ptoro.

After the Hansa announced the Roamers to be hostiles Tasia was sidelined by the Terran Defence Forces and was assigned to train new EDF recruits on Mars.

Theron, Beneto

Theron, Celli

Theron, Estarra

Theron, Reynald

Theron, Sarein

Tylar, Crim

Tylar, Nikko Chan

Wenceslas, Basil

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