Name: Sage Quilean

Age: 14-15

Gender: Female

Species: Dhampir (half-human, half-vampire)

Allegiance: Good. Mostly.

Personality: Sarcasm-heavy and melodramatic, Sage takes full pleasure in being a dhampir and unconstrained by traditional vampire needs, such as being able to stand in sunlight, eat garlic and go into a house without being invited. However, she is inhibited by her bloodlust, and as a result she'll be unable to control herself when she sees blood being spilled, especially on the neck area. Savage and bestial when she is starved of blood, Sage likens herself to a beast and a tamer locked in perpetual battle: the primal vampire side and the calm human one.

Her mother, Cassidy, fell in love with a vampire who gave his name as Raoul. Cassidy was 17 years old at that time and worked as a bloodgiver, people who are forced to have the blood sucked out of them by paying vampires. Raoul promised to rescue Cassidy from being a bloodgiver, but one night was enough for Cassidy to become pregnant with Sage, and Raoul disappeared. Due to a difficult birth, as well as Cassidy being weakened from bloodloss, the poor girl died a few months after giving birth. This was when Raoul returned with his family, and they raised Sage, though she thinks very lowly of the bloodgiver trade due to Cassidy's death. When she turned nine, a bunch of vampire slayers torched Raoul's house, though they spared Sage because dhampirs are natural vampire hunters.

The slayers trained Sage in vampire killing, and she also owns a beautiful sword that is capable of killing a vampire.

Sage bears many of Raoul's characteristics, such as pale skin, unruly neck-length black hair, and sharp features, but has her mother's warm brown eyes. Oh, and the fangs. Of course she has fangs. She often wears a dark brown shirt, black jeans, black-gray overcoat with red trimming, and is belted with a white leather belt that leans to the left. The belt has a stake and her sword in it, and often she wears plenty of charms and amulets to ward off danger.

Abilities: Sage has a vampire's legendary swiftness and strength, though not as good as a true vampire's because of her human heritage. (Which makes her kind of klutzy at times).

Her sword is a steel one that was blessed upon by priests of several religions, and immersed in holy water, enabling it to kill vampires (in the novel I'll write someday, vampires can't touch holy items.) Though a competent swordswoman, she can be defeated by one who has skill. Her vampire slayer abilities are also hampered by the fact that although dhampirs are good vampire slayers, she also remembers Raoul and his family, and often guilt drives her away from learning a crucial skill or ability.

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