Upload date: January 1, 2010


Getting our first case...Oh good, female. Gives me something cute to see for much of the game. :) *

  • SKIN: Tan
  • HAIR: Red, Soft Bob Bangs
  • EYES: Green, Same as Clara's Eyes
  • MOUTH: Smile, Same as Clara's Mouth
  • OUTFIT: Green shirt; black collar skirt; black shoes
  • FACE PAINT: Freckles
  • VOICE: Type 3, Princess Butter's voice from MySims Kingdom, Same as Princess Butter's Voice
  • Her name... is Red.

RED: It's gonna happen, Buddy. Any day now, we're going to get that big case!

BUDDY: Yeah! But what's wrong with the cases we take now?

RED: Nothing! Well, except for the fact that they just barely pay for our meals, and therefore, our office space... I just know we could do more. If I could just prove myself on one really big case... Maybe I'd even make Special Agent one day.

BUDDY: Ooh, that would be so cool! I'm going to draw you as a Special Agent!

TRAVIS: Hey, Gino. I'm looking for a summer job. Do you have any openings in your restaurant?

GINO: I don't know... are you a world-famous master chef?

TRAVIS: Um, no. But I have this really cool Master Chef app on my cell phone! Does that count?

GINO: Um, no. Then I do not have any openings for you.

RED: Solving mysteries around the neighborhood is great, but if I was a Special Agent, we could go anywhere! Think of it!

BUDDY: Yeah! Now I'm drawing you as a Special Agent on the moon! Do you think they'll have a special tunnel that takes you there?

TRAVIS: Hey, guys. What's going on?

RED: Not much, Trav. Just waiting for the next big case. Hah! That's pretty good, Buddy. Someday, my friend, someday...




RED: What's the matter, Poppy?

POPPY: A mean man took my dog and he won't give him back!

BUDDY: Omigosh! Pal! This is it! Our big case!

RED: Well, I'm not sure that it's quite the career-maker I was talking about. Don't worry though, Poppy, we'll take the case. Where's your dog now?

POPPY: He's over in the park with that meanie man! Please come as soon as you can.

RED: Alright, Buddy. I'm heading over to the park. I should talk to everybody there and see what I can piece together.

BUDDY: I'm here if you need me, pal!

TRAVIS: Let me know if I can help. I'll work for pizza!

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