Upload date: January 12, 2010


RED: Hey, Poppy. So, explain this dog situation to me.

POPPY: Well, I was minding my own business here pruning flowers... and then, when my back was turned, this bad man stole Dogwood!

MORCUBUS: Hmph! What nonsense. The name's Morcubus, and the little girl is simply a sore loser.

RED: Hello.

MORCUBUS: While she spins an interesting tale, the dog is mine! And his name isn't Dogwood... it's Killfang, dog-disciple of shadow and flame!

POPPY: No! That name is sad and bad! He's my Dogwood! He's always with me, and was with me right up until this bad man stole him!

MORCUBUS: Ah, Killfang. See how he flocks to me? Obviously he is mine! He has been mine since the dawn of time!

POPPY: No he's not!!!

MORCUBUS: Well, then prove it, little girl!

POPPY: Um...OK...well, I know Dogwood best... ...and he loves his pink squishy ball!

RED: Can I see this ball you're talking about? Perhaps I can...

POPPY: ...I lost it...

RED: Okay, you two. Let me get to the bottom of this. I'll determine who's telling the truth here.

RED: So, you lost the ball around here somewhere?

POPPY: Um... yeah! We were playing with it earlier. It rolled away somewhere...

RED: Here boy, do you like the bouncy ball?

???: Woof!

RED: Hi Gino. Have you seen Poppy and her dog recently?

GINO: Poppy? Why yes! She came in here just recently to eat lunch.

RED: I see. And did you see her dog with her?

GINO: Her dog? No, I didn't see a dog with her.

RED: Thank you very much, Gino.

RED: Poppy, about your visit to Gino's... earlier on you said the dog was always with you. But I spoke with Gino, and he claims that you went into his pizzeria to get lunch, and he didn't see a dog with you.

POPPY: Ooooh....! Yes, It's true...I left Dogwood by himself. But it was just for a moment! I promise! My big sister Violet said that I'm too young to take care of a dog, and I didn't want to disappoint her...that's why I lied...

RED: That's okay, Poppy. But remember, I'm trying to help you. I need to know the truth!

POPPY: Okay! Sorry, Red...

RED: Here, boy! Have a bone!

???: *Grrrrrrrr....*

RED: Here, this jerky what you were looking for? And if so, why didn't you just, you know, go around the wall? It's not like there's a gate...

???: *Nom nom nom*

RED: Poppy, I've solved the case! Oh, and I guess this involves you, too, Morcubus...

POPPY: That's great!

RED: Dogwood definitely belongs to Poppy.

POPPY: Hooray! Come here, Dogwood! Here, boy!

MORCUBUS: This is an outrage! I demand an explanation!

RED: You told me that Dogwood loved chewing bones, but clearly he does not.

MORCUBUS: What?! Who doesn't love chewing on bones?

RED: It was Poppy who identified Dogwood's favorite toy: this pink ball.

MORCUBUS: But that little girl lied about me taking the dog! He just walked up to me!

RED: He was just hungry. He only walked your way because he was trying to get over to Gino's jerky.

MORCUBUS: Feel pretty clever, don't you, detective? Well don't! You've made a very powerful enemy today.

RED: It's just a dog.

MORCUBUS: I don't care about the dog! That was just entertainment. But you... you tried to make me look like a fool.

RED: I didn't do anything except find the truth.

MORCUBUS: The "truth" is you'll rue the day you crossed... the infernal Morcubus!!

RED: Yikes. What's the deal with that guy? I better head back to Gino's.

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