Upload date: April 30, 2010


I start the game, the Nunchuk is plugged in, I choose New Game and I start at File 2.

On to the story!

??????: Once upon a time, there was a great kingdom that covered the entire world. This kingdom was made up of many different lands...

??????: ...and many different Sims.

??????: All the Sims and all the lands were ruled by a kind and wise king: Me, King Roland!

ROLAND: To help protect the people of my kingdom, I ordered my wizard to make a collection of magic scepters.

ROLAND: I gave these special wands to the most loyal and brave Sims in the kingdom, and thus was born the Order of Wandoliers.

ROLAND: With their magic scepters in hand, the Wandoliers could do amazing things! They used their power to protect the kingdom and keep the Sims of the world happy.

ROLAND: It's hard to believe so much time has passed... All of the Wandoliers have long since retired or moved away.

ROLAND: Parts of my kingdom are now falling into disrepair, and the people are not as happy as they once were.

ROLAND: But today is a very special day! I, King Roland, will be naming a new Wandolier! Who will it be? Where will they come from? And what will they look like?

At this point, I call on you to give a gender and name to the Sim I'll be controlling. The name may have no more than 12 characters, and may contain any of the following characters: A-Z, a-z* , 0-9, hyphen, underscore, colon, semicolon, comma, period, question mark, exclamation mark, apostrophe, quote mark, slash, pipe, tilde, plus, asterisk, caret, left parenthesis, right parenthesis, equal, less than, greater than, at, ampersand, octothorpe, simoleon sign (a.k.a. the section sign), percent sign, left kitty whisker, and right kitty whisker. Yes, you read right. There's also the set of letters so that other European languages such as Spanish, German, French, and so on may be represented.

You'll have some more control, of course, once more islands open up.

  • I'm choosing which Wandolier gender I prefer. I will choose male or female. I choose female. Gives me something cute to see for much of the game. :) *
  • Gender: Female
  • Skin: Tan
  • Hair: Red, Soft Bob Bangs
  • Eyes: Green, Same as Clara's Eyes
  • Mouth: Smile, Same as Clara's Mouth
  • Outfit: White peasant dress with a brown apron and light brown purse, a long red skirt and brown sandals
  • Face Paint: Freckles
  • Voice: Type 3, Princess Butter's voice from MySims Kingdom, Same as Princess Butter's Voice
  • Name: Red

Today, in the royal castle, a champion shall step forward. Which noble, heroic Sim shall it be?

A female sim stands around by a fountain. A princess stands in front of the castle doors, looks angry, then exits through the arch and heads left. A messenger receives a message from a bird. After that, I start with my Sim sweeping up. She has red hair in soft bob bangs. Her eyes are green that are same as Clara's eyes. She has a small, round smile that is the same as Clara's mouth. She has freckles on her face. She wears a white peasant dress, a simple brown apron with a light brown purse and a long red skirt. Finally, there are brown sandals on her feet. She has the same voice as Princess Butter's voice. Her name is... Red. A woman yells at her from offscreen.

ELMIRA: HEY, PIG HERDER! You done herding those pigs yet?

My Sim sighs as her head droops.

ELMIRA: 'Cuz when you're done with that... Hey! Look at me when I'm talking to you!!

While my Sim is facing her direction, we're not. Unlike in My Sims Agents, I can look at my Sim from different angles. One way is by using the Control Pad on the remote to rotate around. There's another way we can use, but we'll get to that later.

ELMIRA: That's better. Quit daydreaming and lead my pigs back to the farm right now. To get a pig to follow you, just walk up right next to it.

My Sim does, automatically.

ELMIRA: But be careful! If you get too far away from the pigs they'll stop following you.

My Sim demonstrates this.

ELMIRA: Now hurry up and lead the pigs right here to my feet. They aren't happy unless they're able to roll around in the mud!

The second way I was talking about comes up now. I can press C to center the view behind my Sim. Also, I move Red around with the Control Stick, but that's probably obvious.

Another thing I want to point out is the Travelouge, a red book in the top of the screen. There are five things we can look at with it: our Task Journal, our Scrolls, our Inventory, our Relationships, and the Map of whatever island we're on.

The Task Journal has one Task in it: "Herd the Pigs". Very pragmatic. It's in the "In Progress" section, as I haven't done it yet. But as it has been initiated, there's a key by its entry. Some tasks will be available without having been initiated; these will have an exclamation point beside them. You can click on a Task's entry to get its description. We'll see what happens later when I complete it.

We don't have any Scrolls, and there's nothing in our Inventory, so we'll just put that off until later.

Our Relationships log contains every Sim we know. Or something. I'm not sure what the criteria are, as there are two Sims in it already, and neither is the woman who talked to me. One is the male who received the message from the bird. I click on his picture to see his information.


Buddy may not be the sharpest tool in the drawer, but his infinite optimism and loyalty make him a great friend to have around. As the Royal Messenger, he keeps in constant contact with the King by way of his pet carrier pigeon Guillermo. Buddy can scare easily, but for friendship he will brave anything, even dinosaurs and zombies!

We can see that his Interest is Fun, as shown by the icon of a yellow ballo0n with a happy face on it. Next to it is the friednship scale. It ranges from a purple face with a straight mouth to sparkly golden with closed eyes and a happy mouth. The latter is where Buddy is. You can also see the friendship level on the page where you select who to look at. (I used Sailor Mini Moon's voice)

Next, I'll look at the girl. She, too, has the highest level of friendship possible.


Lyndsay is strong, savvy, and always has one eye on the horizon. She longs to explore the world, and her adventuresome spirit has launched more than a few adventures for her old friends Red and Buddy (much to Buddy's chagrin). She has a knack for world trivia and sometimes goes a little nuts when she sees a new map.

She, too, has an Interest in Fun. (I did Sailor Moon's voice)

On the Sim selection screen, by the way, is the name of the island we're on. When we've gone to other islands, we can change the group we're looking at, but of course, only to people on islands we've been to. Also, for any Sim we haven't "met" yet (which, for now, includes the woman who was yelling at us), there's a picture of a lock instead of a face.

Now, the Map. It shows the layout of the entire island we're on. It shows where my Sim is with a bouncing, red, downward-pointing arrow. The location of everyone else is shown by a picture of their face, unless they're inside somewhere. There are doors which indicate certain locations which either have buildings or may have buildings. There's a pickaxe, a tree, a pushpin, and a boat, all of which I'll get to later.

But back to the Task at hand. I lead the pigs easily, and a gift icon appears over Elmira's head. I talk to her. (I can get Mana early by petting the pigs. Mana is important... later.)

ELMIRA: Great. You actually managed to get both pigs. You're done for today. Get up early tomorrow, though. I need you to sweep all the mud.

She leaves, and we hear a different voice.

BUDDY: HEY, PAL! Red! Paaaaaaaaalll!

My Sim turns and sees him.

BUDDY: Hey, pal!

He approaches, but trips and falls on his face.

BUDDY: Hiya, Red! Hiya, pigs!

My Sim greets him.

BUDDY: Did you finish your chores for today? Can we go play now?

Our Sim nods, and Buddy applauds.

BUDDY: Yay! Remember, we promised to go meet Lyndsay! She's probably dreaming up another one of her adventures for us... and you know how she gets when we're late.

My Sim laughs.

BUDDY: Oh wait, I almost forgot! I have to deliver the invitations from the King! It's a pretty big deal, pal! King Roland is holding the Wandolier trials TODAY! And it's an open contest—anyone can enter!!!

A female, obviously the princess, speaks up.


BUDDY: Oh, hi, Princess Butter.

PRINCESS BUTTER: Hello, peasants. I think we all know that I'M going to be named the new Wandolier.

BUDDY: You are?!

BUTTER: Of course, silly, I'm the princess! Daddy will just LET me win!

BUDDY: I don't know, Red here would make a GREAT Wandolier! I think she'll win for sure!

BUTTER: Huh. Guess I'll see you at the castle, then! Toodles!

She laughs at us.

BUDDY: She's so nice.

Was that sarcasm, or was he referring to her cute appearance? Either way, my Sim is unsure about something.

BUDDY: Don't worry, Red! I'm sure you'll win! As long as I have these invitations, you can--

Buddy trips, scattering invitations.

BUDDY: Ow! My face!

He dusts himself off. Now we have control of my Sim again. I take this opportunity to check the Travelouge again. The old task has been moved to the Completed tab, and there's a new Task: "Find the Invitations". I need to talk to Buddy to get this one started. Also, our Relationships log has two new faces:

Elmira Clamp

With just two pigs to its credit, Elmira's pig farm may not be much of a commercial empire, but she runs it with an iron fist! Who knows, maybe there's a generous spirit protected by that prickly outer shell?

Her Interest is Domestic, as indicated by the smiling blue... television? Anyway, her Friendship level is all the way to the left. (I was using Luna's voice) Same with...

Princess Butter

Princess Butter is the apple of King Roland's eye, although some residents of The Capital might describe her as spoiled rotten. She has a temper when crossed, but can easily be appeased with a new pony or two.

Which is pretty disturbing when you going exploring the island, although maybe another Sim has something to do with it. Anyway, her Interest is Cute, as shown by the smiling frilled heart shape. (I just used Sailor Moon's voice as well)

So, I talk to Buddy.

BUDDY: Oh no, pal! Those invitations tell us everything about the contest! We can't get in without them! Can you run around and find them all?

At this point, the game tells you to open your Travelogue and look at your Tasks. The sidebar in the Task's description tells us that there are 8 invitations... one for every Sim on the island and one more?

Does... Guillermo need an invitation? Also, if the King and the administrator of the tests are among the Sims on the island, do they need invitations? So many questions... Anyway, I go look for invitations. There's one very near where our Sim stands. I grab it with A. Our little Travelogue icon opens and helps us keep track of how many we've collected. There's another sort of near the pointy purple mushroom.

As I near a ledge, the game tells me to use Z to jump. There's an invitation on the lower ledge, and another on a higher ledge. Another is in the mushroom garden by the castle. Another is to the left of the castle. Another is to the left of a ledge with some wooden pieces on it. Finally, there's one on the ledge. I collect it and talk to Buddy.

BUDDY: Wow! You found them all already!? You're good with pigs AND papers, pal—that's rare!

Yeah, but it's a good thing no invitations blew to the other side of the creek; the ledge to the far side is too high to jump to, there's no such thing as climbing up them, and you can't get across without advancing the plot!

BUDDY: You really saved me, Red. that's why you're my best pal!

LYNDSAY: HEY! Where were you guys? I've been waiting forever!

Next time, don't wait on the other side of a Broken Bridge.

LYNDSAY: I made up today's adventure itinerary and everything. We were going to explore a hidden tomb!

BUDDY: But Lyndsay, we don't know where any hidden tombs are.

LYNDSAY: Well, yeah, Buddy, that's what makes them hidden. But never mind that! I'm scrubbing that mission in favor of a new one! We're entering Red into the Wandolier contest!

BUDDY: How'd you hear? I just gave Red her invitation.

LYNDSAY: I ran into that spoiled Princess Butter. Don't worry, Red, we'll show her. When does the contest begin, Buddy?

BUDDY: Well, let's see, I think it was... right now, pal! We gotta get to the castle!

LYNDSAY: Yikes! Buddy!! Hurry to the castle, Red!!

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