Sailor Moon/Family Guy is a hilarious parody series. It features video clips from the Sailor Moon anime series and audio clips from Family Guy.


  • Serena as Peter
  • Darrien as Lois
  • Raye as Brian
  • Queen Beryl as Stewie (both are evil and want to rule the world, get the hint?)
  • Rini as Chris
  • Davey as Meg
  • Molly as Quagmire
  • Amy as Cleveland
  • Lita as Joe
  • Mina as Mayor Adam West
  • Luna as Tom Tucker
  • Artemis as Diane Simmons
  • Dr. Tomoe as the Chicken
  • Mrs. Haruna as the Chicken's Wife
  • Andrew as Babs Pewterschmidt
  • Wiseman as Carter Pewterschmidt
  • Sailor Pluto as Herbert
  • Michelle as Dr. Hartman
  • Queen Malacharia as Death
  • Ruebus as Bertrum
  • Sammy as Jillian
  • Hotaru as Jasper
  • Amara as Mickey McFinnagin
  • Molly's Mom as Mort

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