The anime is based on the manga series of the same title (above). The anime series by Toei Animation first premiered on Japan's TV Asahi on October 11, 1986. The first anime series was produced by Toei Animation from 1986 to 1989. It was directed first by Kōzō Morishita (episodes 1-73) and then by Kazuhito Kikuchi (episodes 74-114). The character designers were Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno, and Seiji Yokoyama composed the soundtracks. The chief scriptwriters were Takao Koyama and Yoshiyuki Suga. The series has three main parts: Sanctuary (episodes 1-73), Asgard (episodes 74-99), and Poseidon (episodes 100-114). In the United States, the series premiered in Cartoon Network on August 30, 2003 but only the first thirty-two episodes aired. The Knights of the Zodiac dub was licensed by the now-defunct DiC Entertainment.

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