Sakura Avalon is the titular protagonist of the 2000 Nelvana anime entitled Cardcaptors, as well as the love interest of Ash Ketchum. Voiced by Carly McKillip (who is also behind Miss Harper McCormick from Wedding Peach and Polvina from the Sea Princesses anime version), she has short brown hair and green eyes. Her everyday outfit is composed of: a pink short sleeved shirt, blue jeans and brown sandals. At her age, she is 10 years old.


  1. Aidan Avalon (Single Father)
  2. Tori Avalon (Older Brother)
  3. Kero (Partner)
  4. Ash Ketchum (Love Interest)
  5. Miss Layla Mackenzie and Mr. Terada (Teachers)
  6. Meilin Rae (Rival)
  7. Madison Taylor (Cousin)


  1. Being perfect to Ash
  2. Liking for the Clow Cards
  3. Working as a cheerleader


  1. The way Meilin Rae fights with her
  2. Feeling underappreciated
  3. Her argument with Kero


  1. She is one of the following girls to wear jeans
  2. Her fear is Doberman dogs.
  3. She is revealed to be a cardcaptor
  4. She even has skills in wearing sandals.
  5. ???
  6. In the Muppets Most Wanted crossover, she ??? wedding with Ash Ketchum.

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