Sakura Avalon is the main protagonist and Ash's love interest of the Cardcaptors series. She has brown hair and green eyes. Her main outfit consists of: a pink short sleeved shirt, black skirt, tan pantyhose and red high heels. She is 10 years old. She was born in April 1, 1990. In The Special Box, her outfit consists of: an orange dress with long sleeves, tan pantyhose and brown shoes. In school days, her school uniform consists of: a black and white school uniform with long sleeves, white skirt, white stockings and black shoes. In prom nights, her prom dress consists of: a yellow sleeveless dress and yellow high heels. When sleeping at night, her pajamas consist of: a blue pajamas with long sleeves and tan pantyhose. In Puerto Rican parties, her Jibara outfit consists of: a blue dress with short sleeves and brown high heels. Inside of her dress of her The Special Box outfit she wears a red dress with long sleeves and brown boots. In the play of Little Red Riding Hood, her Little Red Riding Hood outfit consists of: a red hat, a red dress with white sleeves, white socks and black shoes. When competing in Sensational Sister Day, her Sensational Sister outfit consists of: a pink shirt with long sleeves and a blue sleeveless shirt, pink skirt, opaque tan pantyhose and blue high heels. When doing her Matadora Career, her Matadora outfit consists of: a white shirt with short sleeves, red long skirt and brown boots.


  • Aidan Avalon (Father)
  • Tori Avalon (Older Brother)
  • Ash Ketchum (Love Interest)



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