Sakura Kitsune is a graduate of the Academy of Magic. While not the most powerful dueler, her ability in the Arcane arts of Kamigawa are quite unrivaled at the Academy. At the start of her enrollment at age 17, she was just another student. She soon came to discover that her hidden black mana had the ability to basically steal both her body and mind, though she does have limited control over it.

Light Sakura

Sakura is rather simple with her clothing. Always wearing the same outfit, it consists of a green skirt with white trim and a white blouse of sorts that shows a minimal section of her mid-drift. Her hair is a natural blonde color which hangs about half a foot below her shoulders. The sandy color does wonders to compliment her green eyes. She is quite the beauty and in no way tries to flaunt herself. The perfect word to describe Sakura would be 'cheery', although with the latest events around the academy, it has vanished (See Illusion Arc). Once always smiles and shaking from sheer excitement, she now suffers from deep depression that she seems to not be able to climb out of.

Dark Sakura

Triggering the transformation can be achieved in three major ways. The full desire of wanting to change, extreme emotional distress, or severe threatening to her life or well-being. When one of these triggers, Sakura's body is forcefully taken over by her black mana. Everything about the girl changes in this form. Her hair becomes a shady grey color and her eyes morph to a dull black to match it. Her clothes become less and more flashy, her attitude becoming that of a seductress when needed or desired. Sarcasm becomes her way of communication and nothing pleases her more than torture and death. Somehow retaining parts of her beauty, to some people it could create nausea by just the black mana flowing through her veins.


To this day, Sakura's true early history is hidden from her by her brother Yoketa for purposes that it would be better if she didn't know. For what she knows, she was abandoned as a child after her parents met an untimely death for which she does not know how. For a few years, Sakura spent her time in a forest living amongst the creatures such as elves. When needed, she would venture to town and use beauty to gain extra food and supplies. One day it went wrong and she was caught during her little ruse. In desperation she called upon her white mana and shot a Swords to Plowshares at the attacking man. This left her to flee back into the forest, where she learned green mana from the elves. It was here she stayed until a man named Sam Kitsune stumbled upon her. Feeling sorry for the poor girl, he offered to take her under his wing. Agreeing, she took refuge in his house and as a personal job, tended to his gardens. It was here that she met a girl named Kaylia Kitsune, staying with Sam under the same circumstances. They quickly became friends and friendly rivals to one another, even after they were both recruited to the Academy of Magic.

At first, Sakura just stuck around with Kaylia. Her shy attitude made it somewhat hard for her to just talk to people, but she soon grew out of it. It wasn't too long before Kaylia and herself were propositioned by Ryu Phoenix to join the Cabal. When they both refused, they ran away. Later on it seemed that Kaylia did in fact join the Cabal which led to her strange disappearance. This left Sakura with nobody, though that soon changed. Two men, Damien Wilacoth and Lowe Margas befriended her and eventually it turned to a small competetion for both men for Sakura's love. It truly did not last long. One day Lowe decided to take Sakura to see the Keeper's gardens. Sometime during the trip, various mages interfered, more specifically one named Ryu Phoenix. Through words alone, he unlocked her hidden ghell mana. It took a ritual that Damien constructed to retract the mana long enough to be controlled. A few weeks later, during a conversation with Damien, Lowe and Yoketa had teleported in during it and started to fight. Somehow, it ended with Sakura dieing of a Putrefy spell shot by Yoketa. It was then after her revival that she learned of her brother, the Blue Apprentice.

Sakura traveled to Jamuraa afterwards to learn more about her brother and hopefully visit Sam (Which she failed to find). Upon returning, she discovered that both Damien and Lowe had no intentions of continuing a relationship with the girl. This declinement led her to depression. Not a week afterwards, a man named Abel Getragan made an appearance beside her. After words of coasting and her already falling ideals due to depression, Dark Sakura was born in full. She immediately left with Abel to his hideout. It was here that she was able to get revenge against, now enslaved, Lowe. After a few months of residing with Abel, they joined as one on a particular night and this left Sakura pregnant with a child of prophecy. Not declining the child in any way, she continued to stay with Abel and his followers until the final battle between Abel Getragan and Damien Wilacoth approached. Put through a ritual, her child was catapulted in ageing as she was born months prematurely, though she was the perfect age due to the tinkering of the ritual. The daughter became known as Kiri Getragan, the child of spirit.

Before Abel was defeated, Sakura returned to the academy with her newborn child. When Abel was destroyed, a Mirari wish from Lowe sent Sakura's black mana form into regress. Around that time, her daughter had increased in age rapidly to 18 years. She again fell into depression and rarely went outside of her room. Her fear of being hated for what she was scared her enough to stay hidden, only training in the arena and leaving.

As the Illusion Arc began, Sakura had become a prime target for the sole purpose of riling up her brother. She was victim of three attacks, one by Eritta Uza Wilacoth, one by Abel Getragan, and the last by her long lost friend Kaylia Kitsune, all illusions. This lapsed her into severe depression which she is suffering from currently.


Sakura is modeled after Kagome, from Inuyasha.

She was originally created to rile up the academy with Kaylia with awkward techniques, though that changed pretty fast.

Kitsune is not her real last name, nor is the girl a kitsune.

Though they have the same last name, Sakura and Kaylia are not real sisters.

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