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Sakura The Crybaby is a The Adventures of Brad Van Darn episode.


  • Sakura is crying because of her Shirley Fenette plushie thrown into the dumps. Lily tries to cheer her up, with chaotic results.


  • Brad Van Darn
  • Lily
  • Kevin Levin
  • Ephraim
  • Satchel
  • Sakura


Part 1

  • (We see Lily watching TV)
  • Lily: In my Shirley Fenette outfit and my nude tights. I can be a very sexy girl after all.
  • (Sakura runs in, crying like a siren)
  • Lily: What's the matter?
  • Sakura: (teary eyed) It's horrible! My Shirley Fenette plushie has been thrown to the dumps!
  • Brad: What!?
  • Kevin: You mean you got your plushie thrown to the dumps?
  • Sakura: Yes and it's all my fault! (cries loudly)
  • Lily: Aww. Don't cry, Sakura. Ephraim and Satchel will find your plushie soon.
  • Sakura: (sniffs) Yes, Lily.
  • Brad: Ephraim, Satchel. Go find the plushie.
  • Ephraim and Satchel: All right, Brad.
  • (Ephraim and Satchel went looking for the Shirley Fenette plushie)
  • Ephraim: I Haven't seen that plushie here.
  • Satchel: Me neither.
  • Ephraim: Is this your plushie?
  • Sakura: No! It's my octopus doll. I wanted that Shirley Fenette plushie (cries louder)
  • Ephraim: Just stop crying. We'll find your plushie as soon as possible.
  • Satchel: Come on, Ephraim. We have to start searching or else your big brother will get mad with you.
  • Ephraim: I guess so.
  • (Ephraim and Satchel continue looking for the Shirley Fenette plushie)
  • Ephraim: I found it!
  • Satchel: You were lucky, Ephraim.
  • Ephraim: Is this your plushie?
  • Sakura: My plushie! (grabs the plushie) I love it! Thanks, boys.
  • Ephraim: You're welcome.
  • Satchel: Start singing and play in your Shirley Fenette outfit and your nude tights.
  • Sakura: Thank you.
  • (Cut to Sakura singing while playing with her Shirley Fenette plushie and wiggling her nyloned toes)
  • Sakura:

Part 2

Part 3

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