Salamence is a Dragon/Flying Type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It is the evolved form of Shelgon, and the final stage of the Bagon evolution line.


Salamence seems to be based on a salamander, combined with aspects of the archetypal fire-breathing European Dragon.


Salamence is consistently praised by many in each generation for it's viability in battle. It is mainly remembered as the signature Pokémon of Drake, a member of Hoenn's Elite Four. Salamence also has a great physical attack stat, like most fully-evolved Psuedo-Legendaries, along with a good Sp. Atk and Speed stats to back it up offensively in battle.

Although Generation 6 was not too kind to it by introducing the Fairy Type in X/Y, Salamence was fortunate enough to eventually receive a Mega Evolution in ORAS, giving the Aerilate Ability, which enables it to utilize powerful moves like Hyper Voice and Double-Edge, which get STAB Flying with Aerilate, making Mega Salamence a formidable threat. It can even learn Roost to make good use of it's respectable defenses. Mega Salamence has a high 120 base Speed stat, making it one of the fastest Dragon Types known so far. Some fans are even pleased to have the Mega Evolution acknowledge the idea of Bagon's long-awaited desire to fly.

Before Generation 6, Salamence was very difficult to counter, since it can run a diverse range of movesets. 110 Sp. Atk makes it usable enough to carry moves like Fire Blast or Hydro Pump to take care of appropriate threats in higher-tiers.

Salamence still has it's drawbacks, even with all these competitive godsends, the most prominent being it's 4x weakness to Ice Type attacks due to it's Type combination.

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