Yes, based on the movie Lady and the Tramp and my grandma's idea

  • Sally as Lady
  • Sonic as Tramp
  • Sonya as Annette
  • Stanley as Collette
  • Ann as Danielle
  • Manik as Scamp
  • Amadeus as Jim Dear
  • Rosemary as Darling
  • Tails as the baby
  • Wave as Peg
  • Jet, Mighty, Espio, Charmy, and Ray as the Dogs in the Dog Pound
  • Silver as Jock
  • Knuckles as Trusty
  • Mario (from Nintendo) as Tony
  • Luigi (from Nintendo) as Joe
  • Ella as Aunt Sarah
  • Fiona as Si
  • Anti-Sally as Am
  • Melody as Angel
  • A random cat character as Reggie
  • A random echidna character as Buster
  • Amy as Ruby
  • Antoine as Scratchy
  • Manic as Sparky
  • Bean as Francois
  • Storm as Mooch

No flames or spams.

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