• Spencer
  • Neville
  • BoCo
  • Salty
  • Dennis
  • Norman
  • Den
  • Dart
  • Happy Hook
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • The Duke and Duchess of Boxford
  • Diesel (cameo; seen at the Dieselworks)
  • Paxton (cameo; seen at the Dieselworks)
  • Rusty (cameo; seen pulling trucks on the Skarloey Railway)
  • Fred (cameo; seen pulling trucks on the Skarleoy Railway)
  • Zazu the Blue Narrow-Gauge Diesel (cameo; seen pulling trucks on the Skarloey Railway)


UK and US

  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Matt Wilkinson as Spencer and the Duke of Boxford
  • Steven Kynman as Neville, Dart and Happy Hook
  • Bob Golding as BoCo and Dennis
  • Keith Wickham as Salty, Norman, Den and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Teresa Gallagher as the Duchess of Boxford


  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Glenn Wrage as Spencer
  • Steven Kynman as Neville, Dart and Happy Hook
  • Bob Golding as BoCo and Dennis
  • Keith Wickham as Salty, Norman, Den and Sir Topham Hatt
  • William Hope as the Duke of Boxford
  • Jules de Jongh as the Duchess of Boxford


Narrator: All the diesels were cheerfully purring about with their coaches and trucks. They were all in good spirits, except for Salty. His horn kept making a strange noise every time he tried to blast.

Salty's Driver: You need to go to the Dieselworks for a new horn Salty.

Salty: Ah! I'm just glad it's not far.

Narrator: When Salty reached the Dieselworks, Den and Dart inspected his horn.

Den; Ah Salty, your horn has a buckled battery latch.

Dart: We'll have to put a new one in there for you.

Den: And the only spare horn at the moment is right here, if you'd like to see it.

Salty: Yes please, my hearties. I'd love to.

Den: Happy Hook, please present Salty with the only spare horn we have for the time being.

Happy Hook: Here it comes. (picks up the spare horn)

Salty: Ah! (gasps) What the? I wasn't expecting the horn to be that big.

Dart: Ah you see, we forgot to tell you how big it was in the first place.

Happy Hook: So here's your new horn Salty.

Den: How's it feel, eh?

Salty: Quite good.

Dart: You'll enjoy using it Salty, it's a three-blast diesel horn.

Salty: Oh, I don't know. I've never used this sort of horn before.

Narrator: Then BoCo arrived at the Dieselworks with Sir Topham Hatt.

BoCo: Hello Salty. That's a three-blast diesel horn. I used to have one of those.

Salty: Is it a good horn?

BoCo: It's the best. It's the loudest horn in the whole of Sodor.

Narrator: This made Salty even more worried.

Salty: The loudest?

BoCo: Yes, it's loud and booming. Everyone will hear you coming.

Narrator: Salty didn't like this. He didn't like loud and booming voices. He liked the sound of his old horn.

Sir Topham Hatt: Salty, you must go to Knapford and collect the Duke of Duchess of Boxford. They're waiting, so don't be late.

Salty: Yes sir.

Narrator: So Salty purred off to Knapford Station with his new three-blast diesel horn.

Salty: I wish I had my old horn back. I don't know how to use this new, loud and booming three-blast diesel horn.

Narrator: Then an idea flew into Salty's engine.

Salty: If I puff slowly and carefully, I won't need to use my horn at all. I can do all my jobs and wait for my old horn to be fixed.

Narrator: This made Salty feel much happier. Salty slowly through Sodor. Spencer huffed and puffed impatiently behind him.

Spencer: Out of my way Toby, you old diesel! You're making me late.

(Salty is switched onto the main line, and Spencer steams swiftly past)

Narrator: Later some sheep were on the tracks in front of Salty. He couldn't get past them.

Salty: Go away sheep, please! I need to get through.

Narrator: But the sheep didn't take any notice of Toby. They didn't move. They were too busy baaing and chewing. Salty knew what he needed to do. He needed to blow his new diesel horn. But Salty was scared.

Salty: I don't want to use my new three-blast diesel horn. I wish I had my old one back.

Narrator: Then another idea flew into Salty's engine.

Salty: I know just what to do. I'd better get help.

Narrator: So Salty reversed down the track to find help. Some farm workers were in a nearby field.

Salty: Excuse me. Hello. Hello?

Narrator: The farm workers didn't hear Salty. Salty blew his exhaust and rattled his rods. But the farm workers still didn't hear Salty. They were too far away.

Salty: Bust my buffers. They can't hear me.

Narrator: Salty knew he should use his new diesel horn, but he was still too scared.

Salty: I wish I had my old horn back.

Narrator: So Salty purred on. Somewhere he had to find help. But Salty couldn't find anybody to help him. So he purred back to the sheep.

Salty: I do hope the sheep have gone back to their field now.

Narrator: But the sheep hadn't gone. They were still baaing and chewing all over the track.

Salty: Oh no!

Narrator: Salty tried to biff them with his bufferbeam. But they still wouldn't move.

Salty: Oh no driver. I think we're trapped. (gasps)

Narrator: Then there was trouble. Salty heard a noise that made his wheels wobble.

Salty: Another engine is coming! They'll crash into the cows.

Narrator: The engine steamed around the corner. It was Neville. Neville was racing like the wind, his firebox was fuming. And his boiler was burning brightly.

Salty: I have to tell Neville about the cows. I'll have to use this new whistle.

Narrator: Salty closed his eyes. His engine flared. Power blew into his new three-blast diesel horn. It was the loudest horn anyone had ever heard on Sodor.

Dennis: What was that?

Norman: It was a three-blast diesel horn. They're the best horns ever. I wonder who blasted that.

Narrator: Salty heard the three-blast diesel horn.

Neville: Cinders and ashes! I must stop!

Narrator: He applied his brakes. Neville screeched and skidded. Sparks flew and tracks trembled. Salty didn't dare look.

Neville: Phew. Thank you Salty. Your horn told me there was trouble ahead.

Narrator: Salty felt very proud.

Salty: I'm pleased I used my three-blast diesel horn. It was even louder than my old horn.

Narrator: Neville was proud of Salty. Together with their effort, Salty and Neville moved the cows from the track. Then Salty remembered the Duke and Duchess.

Salty: Trembling tracks! I forgot all about the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. They're waiting for me at Knapford. I must go faster than Spencer to get there on time.

Neville: Don't worry Salty. I'll come with you. We're sure to make it together.

Narrator: Neville and Salty headed towards Knapford Station. Suddenly Neville saw Sir Topham Hatt's car. The owner stepped out. He was very cross.

Sir Topham Hatt: Salty, the Duke and Duchess waited for a very long time. Now Spencer is taking them back to the Mainland.

Narrator: Salty was upset. He knew he hadn't been a really useful diesel.

Salty: I'm sorry sir...

Narrator: Then Salty stopped. He could see a fallen tree across the tracks ahead.

Salty: Spencer's steaming straight towards that fallen tree.

Sir Topham Hatt: Oh no.

Salty: Don't worry sir. I know just what to do.

Narrator: Salty revved his engine and pumped his pistons. He blew his three-blast diesel horn as loudly and boomingly as he could. Spencer heard Salty's horn. He applied his brakes and stopped just in time.

Spencer: Salty! Did you blow that horn so loudly?

Salty: Yes I did. It was my new three-blast diesel horn.

Spencer: For a small diesel, you have a loud of power. Thank you.

Duchess of Boxford: Well done Salty.

Duke of Boxford: Hip, hip hooray!

Narrator: Salty couldn't have felt more proud.

Neville: Good job Salty.

Narrator: The next day, Salty was back at the Dieselworks. His old horn was ready. It hummed as if it were brand new. Salty was happy to have his old horn back, but a bit sad to say goodbye to his three-blast diesel horn.

Narrator: Dart, Den and Happy Hook had heard the news about Salty saving Neville and Spencer.

Den: Well Salty, it sounds as though you had a very busy day yesterday. Did you like your new horn?

Salty: It was very useful.

Dart: You can keep it if you like.

Salty: Well my old horn is the best, but I'd be more than happy to use the three-blast one if ever it needs to be repaired again.

Happy Hook: Good for you Salty.

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